Why MA?
Why MA?

Why MA

Why do we push boundaries?

At Marin Academy, we believe that educational excellence should push the boundaries of what is known today in order to prepare students for a world we can’t even imagine tomorrow.

Every day, MA teachers and students work side-by-side immersing themselves deeply in their subjects while honing the ability to think critically and creatively.

And because many voices are welcomed and encouraged at MA, our students cultivate the tools they need to live their lives fully, and the inspiration to contribute as compassionate citizens to our world.

What makes MA distinctive?

An MA education is one that pushes the boundaries of what is known today to stimulate and stretch all facets of a young mind, resulting in graduates who are as well prepared as they are well rounded. At MA, we:
  • Learn with joy
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Value depth
  • Work with, rather than compete with
  • Welcome diverse voices
  • Imagine a better tomorrow

Voices of MA