Minicourses come in many styles, but all have as their goal the enrichment of students’ lives and expansion of their awareness in the world.

Each course challenges students in a variety of ways through environmental stewardship, community service, academic and/or artistic enrichment, and wilderness skills and living experiences.

Minicourse 2023

girls walking across snowy bridge
students holding cameras
goat licking student's face
students working at pottery wheel
people in a rowing boat
students working on paintings on the ground
people in front of mural
students in MA Design Lab working with dust masks on
close up of girl using sewing machine
boys on sail boat
student building a guitar

Minicourse is a time when students and faculty can immerse themselves in an activity of broad educational value to a degree that is not possible during the school year. The experience should enable students, as far as possible, to learn through first-hand experience and thus arrive at the end of the course with new insights, sympathies, skills and knowledge. A major part of the experience is the social awareness fostered by working closely with a small group of like-minded people within the atmosphere of a “project."

The definition of Minicourse, approved by the faculty in June 1992.
people holding goats

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Tyren Dandridge

Tyren Dandridge

Dean of Students