Culminating Projects

Since its founding, Marin Academy has been a school that values connections to the local community and the call to use one’s knowledge responsibly in the world.

With these goals in mind, MA doesn't give traditional final exams to end the year. Instead, students participate in weeklong end-of-year culminating experiences. These inter- and transdisciplinary, experiential programs are designed to target the academic goals (both skills and content) and developmental needs of each year, and intentionally build on one another.

These culminations represent the deeply held values of Marin Academy that run through our philosophy, mission statement, and strategic vision and have included a wide range of opportunities. Students have explored issues that challenge the city of San Rafael, designed responses to the challenges and benefits of globalization for Haiti, crafted and proposed bills in a UN-style assembly, shared out the work of a three-week-long independent projects, and more.  Whatever the focus, however, students spend three days leading and engaging with their peers for a meaningful conclusion to each school year.