Imagine a Better Tomorrow

What does my future hold?

Here’s the honest answer: We don’t know what the future holds.
We can’t know what lies ahead. That’s what’s so compelling about a Marin Academy education. By thinking deeply, thinking critically, and thinking creatively, our students learn how to embrace ambiguity. They see opportunity where others might see challenge. They find new angles to approach and tackle change.
With confidence (the kind that can only come with experience), our graduates drive compassionate change in their communities. They understand that no platform is too small to engage in important dialogue.
They create their future.

How do we do it?

The future is now

Taking charge of the agenda: The Conference on Democracy, a one- to two-day seminar-style event, explores perspectives on current social, environmental, and economic issues. Students invite subject-matter experts and parents to participate alongside them. Recent conferences examined water usage in the context of the California drought and debated the merits of fracking. Throughout, students sharpen their understanding of what’s possible when you take on the “big issues.”

The MA launchpad

Students get personal: MA seniors have the chance to reflect on their time at MA in a senior speech shared with the entire student body. Every speech ends with specific appreciation for the teachers and students that have shaped that senior’s experience. And a few tears often are shed as students consider what their time at MA has meant in their journey to becoming compassionate citizens of our world.