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  • Be the Influence – A New Resource for Parents

    We are pleased to share that Marin Academy is joining a growing parent initiative called Be The Influence. “Be the Influence” or "BTI" is a parenting program which seeks to reduce rates of teen binge drinking, alcohol, marijuana, nicotine and other drug use.  BTI supports parents by providing:

    • A website with well-researched educational materials.
    • Bi-monthly newsletters full of parenting tips and other timely information.
    • An on-line forum called “TalkSpace” which is a place for parents to ask questions of each other or start a discussion.
    • An optional commitment or pledge that families can make (if they choose) to commit to specific actions that reinforce the safety and well-being of their teens.

    You can check out the BTI website here and find a sign up for the newsletter here.  In addition, you can access the newsletter on the Resources page of our website.