Most of these answers can be found in the MA Handbook.

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Attendance

    If your student will be absent, please contact Lindsay Neville.
    1. Does my child need to sign out for an appointment during the school day or during his/her free period? Yes.
    2. Does my child need to sign back into school after s/he returns from an appointment? Yes.
    3. Do I need to call the school if my child will be absent, will be late, or will miss some school due to an appointment? If so, whom do I call?
      Yes, call or email Lindsay Neville in the attendance office before 8:30 am the day of the appointment or absence. See page 28 of the MA Handbook for more details.
    4. Is there any way to get a message to my child, during the school day? 
      You may call the attendance office to have an important message left in your student's mailbox. Students are contacted personally only for emergencies. See page 38 of the MA Handbook.
  • Transportation/Bus Service

    MA contracts with Michael's Transportation to provide daily bus service to San Francisco (with stops in Marin County) and the East Bay.
    1. Whom does my child call if the bus doesn't show up on time?
      Call the dispatch office at Michael's Transportation at (707) 643–2099 to find out where the bus is and how long it might be delayed.
    2. Can my child ride the bus on an occasional basis?
      This could be possible on a case-by-case basis. Contact Lynne Hansen.
    3. Is there a place my child can wait on campus for the late bus?
      Students can wait in the Bodie Brizendine Leadership Center (BBLC). The building is staffed until 6:00 p.m.
  • Parking

    Campus parking is reserved for students and staff. However, you may park in any vacant spot after 8:30 am. Never leave your car in the marked red areas at any time, including weekends included. This is a fire dept regulation and hefty fines are applied.
    1. Where can I park off campus during school hours, and what time limits apply?
      Parents can park anywhere off campus where it is legal to park. Follow posted signs for time limits. Please do not block driveways or use private lots owned and operated by neighborhood businesses. See the MA Handbook for details. For further information, please review a parking memo. If you have more questions, please email Mike Joyce.
    2. Can a parent park anywhere on campus during off-hours?
      Yes, but be aware that the upper parking lot (staff lot) is locked at 6:30 pm. Also, never leave your car in the marked red areas at any time, weekends included.
  • MA Café

    MA contracts Epicurean Group to supply our student and staff lunches. Add money to your student's account through MySchoolBucks.
    1. Whom do I contact with questions about the food?
      Contact Manager Lise Eisenberg at (415) 482-3291.
    2. How can I obtain a copy of my child's account balance or daily charges?
      Visit MySchoolBucks and you can create an account for your child and view your child's account balance, make deposits and review student purchases.
    3. What are the café hours?
      7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    4. Can parents use the café while on campus?
      Yes, you can charge to your child's account.
  • Academics

    For questions about student schedules, transcripts, or grades, contact Registrar Karen Jacobsen or Academic Dean KaTrina Wentzel.
    1. I have questions or concerns about an individual class. Whom do I contact?
      Contact the teacher of the class, the chair of the department, or KaTrina Wentzel.
    2. What do the Class Deans do?
      The four Class Deans are responsible for counseling, discipline, student life, and activities. They work closely with the advisers, Dean of Students, and Academic Dean to help ensure the academic and personal well-being of each student. See page 12 of the MA Handbook for more details.
  • Student Life

    We're here to support your child and create a caring and enriching community for all students. For personal concerns about your student, contact your child's advisor, your child's class dean, or Lynne Hansen.
    1. What counselors are available on campus?
      Our school counselor is Joani Lacey. Rebecca Young is the Learning Services Coordinator. Peer tutoring is also available; see page 9 of the MA Handbook.
    2. Whom do I contact about college counseling?
      Aaron Fulk, Jaime Meline, and Robert Awkward are our college counselors.
  • Parents on Campus

    Parents are at MA at many times during school day: at assemblies, sports games, arts and special events, and as volunteers. We welcome parental involvement in many ways!
    1. What opportunities are there for me to interact with students on campus?
      Volunteering for class activities, Spirit Wear sales, arts support, athletic boosters BBQs, and used book sales are all great ways to see and interact with students on campus. There are also opportunities to attend special assemblies and events during the school day, including the Conference on Democracy (held at the end of October) and the Literary Fetival (held for two weeks in February)—these events will be announced in This Week at MA.
    2. What do class reps do?
      Class reps are parents who volunteer and plan events for parents and students during the year. Among these events are parent potlucks organized for each class in the fall and student treat days that take place throughout the year.
    3. What is Spirit Wear?
      Spirit Wear is a set of products, from clothing to beverage containers, which feature the Marin Academy logo. Spirit Wear products make great gifts for anyone in the MA community and purchases can be arranged via the MA website. Proceeds from Spirit Wear benefit MAPA and Marin Academy.
    4. How does eScrip help MA?
      eScrip is an ingenious system that allows you to support MA while you shop for groceries and numerous products — all at no cost to you. Signing up online takes only a moment!
    5. How can I become involved in MAPA activities?
      Take a look at the many opportunities to volunteer on campus and participate in MAPA.
    6. Can I become involved in student clubs and activities (i.e., Eco-council)?
      Sometimes! Contact the faculty advisor of the club for availability of volunteer activities.
    7. Is it ok for a parent to attend school assemblies? Yes, indeed.
  • Athletics

    For general athletics program information, visit the Athletics page or contact Kacie Schilling.
    1. Where do I find the schedule of sport events?
      You can find the current schedule on the Athletics Calendar.
    2. How do I find out if a game has been cancelled?
      Check the Athletics page or, if you're signed in to MyMA, you can click on your child's team page. You can also sign up for notifications in MyMA.
    3. Whom do I contact should my child have an issue with a coach beyond what s/he can solve with the coach directly?
      Please contact Kacie Schilling.


Main MA phone: (415) 453-4550

Academic Dean: KaTrina Wentzel
Dean of Faculty: Stella Beale
Dean of Students: Lynne Hansen
Grade 9 Class Dean: Kevin Rees
Grade 10 Class Dean: Jared Baird
Grade 11 Class Dean: J O'Malley
Grade 12 Class Dean: Juliet Dana
Attendance Coordinator: Lindsay Neville 
Registrar: Karen Jacobsen
College Counselors: Jennifer Christensen and Gabrielle Dorsey
School Counselor: Joani Lacey
Learning Services Coordinator: Rebecca Young Gustin
Athletic Director: Kacie Schilling

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