A signed enrollment agreement accompanied by a non-refundable 10% tuition deposit is due each March to ensure a place for the following school year. The remaining tuition is billed as follows:

The School has partnered with Blackbaud Tuition Management to offer a secure, online tuition invoicing and payment service. Families can pay by check, credit card, or by debiting a checking or savings account.  Payments can be submitted by mail, by phone, or through a secure website. Please contact the school’s Business Office if you have questions about making payments or have questions about a tuition invoice.

Tuition assistance awards are prorated and posted to student accounts in accordance with the tuition-billing schedule.


Timely payment of your student’s tuition and incidental charges is important for the School to meet its financial and operating obligations.  No student will be permitted to matriculate at the beginning of any semester unless charges from the previous semester and tuition for the coming semester have been paid in full. Approved payment plans must be current with no past due balances.

Students with delinquent balances will receive Incompletes on grade transcripts until all charges are brought current. Continuing students will not receive class schedules until all charges are paid in full. Re-enrollment agreements will not be issued to continuing students if delinquent balances exist during the re-enrollment period. Seniors will not receive diplomas, and the Registrar will not record their graduation on student transcripts until all tuition and incidental charges have been paid in full.


Late fee will be charged on all late payments. A $20 fee will be charged for any check returned from the bank. Students planning a term away from Marin Academy must meet the criteria outlined in the “Term Away” section of this Handbook.  For semester programs, families will be charged 60% of the total Marin Academy tuition for the year of the Term Away Program; for full-year programs, families will be charged 20% of the total Marin Academy tuition.

Student Incidental Account and Online Book Sales

Tuition for the academic year does not include the cost of books and other academic fees. Each student’s incidental account will be debited for school fees and special supplies that may be required by some courses. Charges for incidental expenses are due and payable when invoiced. Beginning in July, textbooks and materials required for classes will be available for purchase through the School’s online bookstore at MBS-Direct. Marin Academy conducts a used- book buyback at the end of the spring semester. The School does not distribute generic school supplies such as pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, or lined paper.

Tuition Insurance

Marin Academy cannot refund or cancel unpaid obligations in the event of absences, withdrawals, or dismissals. To help families plan for unexpected separations from the School, Marin Academy offers a tuition insurance plan through A.W. G. Dewar, Inc. The School strongly recommends that parents participate in this plan by selecting the tuition insurance option on the student enrollment agreement. All claims and benefits are subject to the provisions outlined in the A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. insurance program materials. Please contact the Business Office for further details.