Marin Academy offers need-based tuition assistance, which enables the School to assist qualified students who would not otherwise be able to attend. We invite students to apply to Marin Academy regardless of ability to pay.

Tuition assistance, once awarded, will be continued through graduation provided the student qualifies for aid each year, remains in good academic standing, and abides by the community standards of the School. Tuition assistance is awarded as a percentage of tuition. Over four years, families receiving aid should anticipate increases in their share of tuition expenses as incremental tuition increases occur. Parents are under an obligation to inform Marin Academy if there is any change in the family’s financial resources during the course of the year.

When tuition assistance is not awarded to entering students, families wishing to apply in subsequent years should be aware that, with limited funds available, priority is given to students who have been given awards prior to enrollment. In those situations where ability to pay has remained relatively the same, families should, therefore, not expect that the School will be able to extend an award of assistance.

The School will, however, attempt to assist continuing students whose families have experienced unexpected, significant changes in their ability to pay. The Tuition Assistance Office requires a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and supporting documents from parents, step-parents and applicant (if applicable). This information must be submitted each year to demonstrate financial need. The Tuition Assistance Office utilizes the School and Student Service for tuition assistance (SSS) analysis only as a guideline when making awards. In the case of divorced or separated parents, the School requires that both parents complete and submit PFS forms and will not be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses. If either parent has remarried, we will also consider the assets of the step-parent, bearing in mind the obligations of the step-parent to his or her own children. 70 Questions about individual circumstances or any aspect of the School’s Tuition Assistance Policy should be addressed to the Tuition Assistance Office.

Student Tuition Assistance for Co-Curricular Trips

Marin Academy has limited financial resources for student tuition assistance. These resources are used entirely for student tuition assistance and mainstream curricular needs (books and other incidental costs). To help support need-based assistance for extra-curricular school-sponsored trips, Marin Academy has established an Extracurricular Trip Reserve. The reserve is funded and replenished by a 10% fee paid by each participant on the trip. The 10% fee is assessed on the all-in costs for each MA-sponsored co-curricular trip (airfare, lodging, insurance, chaperone expenses, etc.). The reserve is managed and administered by MA’s Tuition Assistance Coordinator. Extra-curricular trip participants who normally qualify for need-based tuition assistance may, depending on the limited reserves available, receive up to 50% of their tuition percentage award for school-sponsored extra-curricular trips. For example, a student receiving 50% tuition scholarship would be eligible to receive up to 25% assistance for the costs of an MA-sponsored co-curricular trip. Trip participants should consult with MA’s Tuition Assistance Coordinator to determine funding availability. Assistance cannot be awarded to students who do not apply and qualify for tuition assistance as part of their regular enrollment in the School.