Only juniors and seniors are permitted to drive cars to campus. Ninth graders and sophomores are prohibited from driving cars to Marin Academy. Parents and students should familiarize themselves with the parking restrictions and the transportation guidelines described in this section. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action following a first offense. Please contact the Dean of Students, Lynne Hansen, if you have questions or require additional information about driving or parking at the school.


Marin Academy strongly encourages all families to create carpools for transporting students to and from school as it is safe to do so. A carpool is defined as the driver plus two or more passengers. Priority will be given to the largest carpools. Carpools reduce the number of cars traveling to and from campus, reduce congestion on local streets, and model good, responsible behavior for all members of our community. Student addresses can be found through the school directory at MyMA to assist with forming carpools.

Drop Off 

Please drop-off/pick-up students on the Circle off Mission Avenue or on Cottage Avenue if there is curb space available. Please note that the bus and vans that provide transportation to school use Cottage as a drop-off/pick-up zone and must be able to safely navigate the one way street. 

On Campus Parking

On campus parking spaces are limited. Spots along the west side of Foster and in the North Campus Lot are assigned to students who have registered vehicles and submitted a carpool form. Forms are available at MyMA and must be submitted to the Dean of Students, Lynne Hansen. A carpool is defined as the driver plus two or more passengers. Priority for parking spaces will be given to the largest carpools.  All student cars must be registered and display the current Marin Academy parking sticker.

The North Campus parking lot (located adjacent to the pool) is reserved for employee use and a limited number of assigned student spaces. This lot closes at 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and is closed on weekends. Posted Fire Lanes and No Parking areas must remain clear at all times, including the circle in front of Foster Hall. Parking is not allowed in these areas. In the event of an emergency, illegally parked vehicles may compromise medical access and assistance. These areas are patrolled by the City of San Rafael’s Parking Enforcement Division, and violations are subject to fines.

Vehicle Registration and Parking Stickers

MA families must register each family vehicle with the school before the start of the academic year by completing the vehicle registration section on the student’s MyMA profile page under the General Information heading. Each family vehicle must display the MA sticker on the rear bumper of the vehicle. Cars parked on campus or on approved neighborhood streets must have a sticker. Students who park cars either on campus or in the neighborhood without stickers will be subject to disciplinary action. Marin Academy stickers can be picked up at the attendance desk or from the Dean of Students.

Neighborhood Parking Restrictions

Students and School employees are prohibited from parking on residential streets north of Mission Avenue. Students are also prohibited from parking on Cottage Avenue during the school day. Parking, waiting, pick-ups, and drop-offs in private lots near the school are strictly prohibited. The school requests that parents and students please be courteous and honor the property rights of businesses and residential neighbors. Please do not park, wait, or plan pick-ups or drop-offs on private property. These restrictions are a condition of the school’s use permit with the City of San Rafael. Students are prohibited from driving motorized vehicles during the school day. Student vehicles are restricted for transportation to and from school, unless parents provide written permission for driving away from school during the school day. In these cases, students must also sign in and out at the Attendance Office. Unauthorized driving of or riding in a motorized vehicle during the school day will result in disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Consequences for Parking and Driving Violations

The following disciplinary actions will be implemented if a student:

  • parks on a residential street north of Mission Ave;

  • parks a vehicle on campus or in approved off campus parking that has not been registered or does not have a current Marin Academy parking sticker on the rear bumper;

  • parks in another student’s assigned parking space;

  • parks in an assigned carpool space without having a legitimate carpool;

  • is a sophomore and drives to school;

  • drives during the school day without parental permission;

  • parks in a marked “Visitors” space or prohibited parking area.

First infraction: Conversation with class dean and parents/guardians notified.

Second infraction: One week of On Campus Restriction level 1, and the student is not eligible for assigned parking for the following semester.

Third infraction: One week of On Campus Restriction level 2.

Campus Speed Limit

The campus speed limit is 10 m.p.h. Speed limit violations and other unsafe driving actions will result in disciplinary action.

Bus Transportation

Marin Academy contracts with a bus transportation vendor to transport students to and from the School from San Francisco, southern Marin, and the East Bay. Please contact the Dean of Students to obtain more information about bus routes, schedules, and costs.