Name and/or Pronoun Change

Marin Academy has protocols (and, depending on the situation, supports) in place for students who request to formally change their names and/or pronouns at school. This includes students whose gender assignment shared at the beginning of their time at MA is now seen as incorrect. If you have a name and/or pronoun change request, please begin that conversation with your advisor, Class Dean, Dean of Students, or other trusted school adult. The process from there is individualized, but does standardly include a meeting with the Dean of Students who shares important information, protocols, and forms.   


Marin Academy expects that students will dress in a manner that is appropriate for a school setting and that is not disruptive of the educational process. Dress must include shoes and shirts on campus. Clothing with profanity or advertising drugs, alcohol, or illicit or illegal activities is not allowed.

Cell Phones

Cell phones must be turned off or put away while students are in class or at other required events (assemblies, advising, class meetings, etc.) unless requested to be used for academic purposes.


Pre-approval is needed for students to bring a non-MA student to a dance. Only one guest will be allowed. Students must submit a dance guest form (available from the Dean of Students) at least one day ahead of time. All attendees may be subject to search and/or a breathalyzer test.

Dismissal for Failure to Partner

Marin Academy believes that a positive and constructive working relationship between the School and a student’s parents (or guardian) is essential to the fulfillment of the School's mission. Thus, the school reserves the right not to continue enrollment or not to re-enroll a student if the School reasonably concludes that the action of a parent (or guardian) makes a positive and constructive relationship impossible or otherwise seriously interferes with the school’s accomplishment of its educational purpose.


Other than service dogs, no dogs are allowed on campus. This includes but is not limited to athletic games and practices, school events, and regular classroom activities.


In accordance with state law, all forms of gambling are prohibited on campus.

Recreational Activities

All recreational activities are to be undertaken on the athletic field. Tackle football is prohibited. All activities must be supervised by a school employee. The circle in front of Foster Hall is reserved for reading, talking, eating lunch, and other non-athletic activities.

Skateboards and Scooters

Skateboards and scooters are not permitted on campus at any time. If these items are brought to campus, they will be taken and held in the Dean of Students’ office.

Traffic Safety

When crossing Mission Avenue and 5th Avenue, students must cross only at the crosswalks.


Weapons, or any facsimile of, are not permitted on campus or at any school-sponsored activity. Students in possession of any type of weapon will be subject to disciplinary consequences up to and including expulsion.