Marin Academy acknowledges the ways today’s graduates must differ from those of
twenty years ago. As such, the school strives to graduate students who aren’t just
knowledgeable and adept in a variety of subjects, but who also have the ability to thrive
in and contribute to our ever-shifting world. As such, we have identified five essential
competencies for our graduates:
Demonstrated Empathy: Students utilize cross-cultural awareness and emotional
intelligence to understand and appreciate difference, privilege, and their connection to
others in a global community with integrity and gratitude.
Imaginative Curiosity: Students use their imagination, content knowledge, inquiry
skills, and passion to wonder, explore ideas, solve problems, and create.
Intellectual Flexibility: Students work both collaboratively and individually to embrace
academic and intellectual challenge, using multiple perspectives and evidence to support,
challenge, and refine their arguments. They can persuade—using evidence based on
sound research—and they can be persuaded to change their minds.
Compelling Expression: Students effectively articulate their ideas, feelings, and
passions through arts and languages, and are proficient in multiple modes of written,
oral, artistic, and media communication and presentation.
Strategic Boldness: Students use a growth mindset and reflection to collaborate,
courageously engage, and take healthy risks to gain confidence, leadership, and
resilience. They are biased toward action and use their educational and other gifts
toward impacting their communities and the world.
To assist our students in developing and strengthening these competencies, our
program—academic and co-curricular—focuses on cooperative learning, creativity, critical
thinking, experiential learning, intellectual challenge, interdisciplinary courses, and
transdisciplinary learning.