Marin Academy is a community founded upon trust, integrity, and mutual respect. The involvement and contributions of each individual play an integral part in the day-to-day functioning of the School as a whole. We want all students to recognize their responsibilities for the welfare of the School and expect all students to respect other individuals within the community and the physical environment in which they work. The principles that are integral to the philosophy and welfare of the Marin Academy community are few in number but are essential. All of the school rules emanate from these core values:
  • Integrity in personal conduct and honesty in schoolwork.
  • Respect toward all community members and for individual and school property.
  • Physical and mental safety for all members of the community.
All health and safety protocols put in the place by the School during the 2020–2021 school year need to be followed and are available in separate documentation from this handbook. A student who behaves in an intentional and flagrant manner that endangers the health of others will be subject to serious disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.
We take violations of Marin Academy’s community standards seriously and respond with the greatest sense of gravity. We are also committed to maintaining open lines of communication with students and families. When community standards are violated, the Academic Dean, KaTrina Wentzel, Dean of Students, Lynne Hansen, and/or Head of School will examine the situation in consultation with others to determine the appropriate response and level of consequence.
The above guidelines and policies apply whenever a student is under the School’s jurisdiction. Students are generally considered to be under the School’s jurisdiction during school hours, both on and off campus, and when:
  • On the School grounds and the immediate surrounding property (“campus”).
  • Traveling to and from the campus.
  • Traveling to or from school related events off campus.
  • On or off the campus at school related events including, but not limited to, remote learning, athletic and arts events, field trips, service learning outings, school sponsored travel, and school related lectures.
  • When a student’s actions, whether on or off campus, negatively affect the School, including, but not limited to, students, members of the School community and the School’s reputation.
The following consequences represent the range of disciplinary responses the School may have to a violation of community standards:
  • Letter of Warning: In certain cases, the Dean of Students, the Academic Dean, or a Class Dean may write a cautionary letter of warning to a student, the parent(s), and the advisor or academic counselor.
  • On Campus Restriction I: On Campus Restriction I requires a student to attend all classes and allows participation in co-curricular activities. The student forfeits open campus privileges; they will be required to be in a supervised location during all breaks, lunches, and free blocks.

  • On Campus Restriction II: On Campus Restriction II requires a student to attend all classes and prohibits participation in any co-curricular activities or attendance at any school-sponsored events during the period of the restriction, including but not limited to athletics and performances. The student will also forfeit open campus privileges and will be required to be in a supervised location during all breaks, lunches, and free blocks. 

  • Suspension: A student who is suspended from the School may not be present on campus or at school events for any reason (including attending classes) during the period of the suspension. Students who are suspended are independently responsible for meeting all academic expectations. Major assignments (tests, essays, multi-day projects, etc.) will be counted as late and will drop one grade increment(i.e., a grade of a B would become a B-). Students will receive no credit for all other missed work (homework, class work, quizzes, etc.). Suspensions are also reported to the colleges to which a student applies, has been admitted, or intends to enroll.
  • Expulsion: A student who is expelled from Marin Academy will be withdrawn from all classes and receive a grade in progress in each of their classes. Expelled students may not be present on campus or attended any school-sponsored events without permission from the Dean of Students.
In cases where community safety or student well-being is a concern, the Head of School may deem immediate expulsion the appropriate action. In certain situations, the Head reserves the right to require psychological evaluation of a student before the student returns to school.
As is the case with any disciplinary action, the final decision rests with the Head of School.