Building on Marin Academy’s mission that asks every individual to think, question, and create, our community action program challenges students to focus that energy to improve the communities around us. The goals of the community action program are to raise awareness on issues of social injustice, environmental degradation, and educational inequities. Though there is not an hourly graduation requirement for service, MA is committed to offering students a multitude of different opportunities to explore service, both independently and in conjunction with academic programming.

Every student will graduate MA with multiple experiences and educational opportunities of community service that are built into the school year. Additionally, many students find ways to engage in service outside of school as well.

Marin Academy encourages students to think about problems in their communities, question how to make improvements, consider outlets for involvement, and create a plan for service that fits their interests and respective schedules. The Director of Community Action, James Hughes, works individually with students to find projects that interest and excite everyone and foster leadership opportunities for students to share their interests with the MA community.