Marin Academy presents three theater productions each year. Auditions for the fall and winter productions are open to all MA students; rehearsals generally take place after school with additional evening and weekend rehearsals two weeks before the performance. Students are expected to have Tuesday–Thursday free of conflicts for the duration of the rehearsal process. The spring Black Box production features the advanced theater students and is the culmination of their classwork.

During the course of a student’s years at Marin Academy, there will be opportunities to participate in a variety of productions—including classics, modern, contemporary, and new and original works—and the ways in which students can participate go beyond the stage. Productions often incorporate live music, with the spring show featuring student composers. Students periodically direct their own productions, such as the One-Act Play Festival, independent studies, or senior projects. Students also help run the technical aspects of all productions as they learn, through MA’s Tech Program, how to implement set, light, and costume designs and how to manage live performances (including stage managing, running crew, and operating light and sound consoles).