Any student wishing to participate in a Term Away Program must:

  1. Participate during their junior year;
  2. Submit a letter of intent to the Academic Dean, KaTrina Wentzel, and the Director of Admissions, Diane Boodrookas, no later than 5:00 p.m., on December 1 of the academic year prior to the planned absence;
  3. Apply for and enroll in one of the following approved Term Away Programs:
    • Mountain School
    • The Alzar School
    • School Year Abroad
    • School for Ethics and Global Leadership
  4. If admitted, communicate their decision about Term Away Program enrollment to the Marin Academy Director of Admissions within one week of receiving the offer of admission;
  5. For semester programs, pay 60% of the total Marin Academy tuition for the year of the Term Away Program; for full-year programs, pay 20% of the total Marin Academy tuition.

Any student/family who elects to be away from MA for a semester or a year that does not meet the aforementioned guidelines must either a) pay a full year’s tuition to hold their space at Marin Academy, or b) withdraw from Marin Academy.

Any withdrawn student may re-apply through our regular admission process. Admission may be offered if the Director of Admissions, in consultation with MA’s Admissions Committee, determines that a) the Term Away Program has prepared the student to meet the demands of MA’s academic program and b) there is sufficient space in the school. Please note that students who participate in a fall semester away may come back and play a winter or spring sport (and should communicate their planned departure with the Director of Athletics and their respective coach). Students participating in a spring term away may only participate in fall athletics.