MA classes are on a block schedule—75-minute classes that meet every other day—allowing two days to get homework done for any given class. Teachers post assignments on Canvas, with a minimum of three upcoming classes worth of homework and assessments posted at any given time. As errors can occur, students are expected to check all means of class communication (syllabi, course page, class notes/directions) for additional information and verification.

In addition, teachers work hard to ensure that a student does not have three tests or major projects due on a single day. Because of all the different student schedules that exist, it is possible that this situation could occur; if a student finds that they have a three-test day, they should communicate this to their teachers and a plan will be made.

On average, MA students have two hours of homework/class preparation a night, though that can vary due to the ebb and flow of daily work and projects/papers, a student’s reading speed, and other factors.

Homework and assessments are expected to be returned to students in a timely manner so that students may use feedback and results on their work to grow and evolve for the next similar task. In general, students should expect to have work and assessments returned within ten school days (5 class periods) and ideally before the next similar assignment or assessment is given.