Students wishing to graduate from Marin Academy after the first semester of their senior year may be allowed to do so under extraordinary circumstances. Upon receipt of the proposal from a student wishing to graduate early, the Head of School will give the final approval or disapproval of the proposal. Petitions will be granted only in cases of extraordinary circumstance or special opportunity. The position of the School is that the high school experience calls for more than just an accumulation of credits and that every student who matriculates into the ninth grade will be here for a full four-year program. As a result, proposals for early graduation will generally be discouraged.

Special circumstances, however, may suggest that a student would significantly benefit from an early graduation. Guidelines for students in that circumstance are outlined below:

  • The student should have at least a 3.0 GPA overall and maintain that GPA through the fall of the senior year.
  • The student must be able to meet all regular graduation requirements (total credits, discipline-specific requirements, etc.) by the end of first semester, senior year.
  • The student must meet with the Academic Dean, KaTrina Wentzel, to explain the extraordinary situation by no later than December of their junior year, where they will receive feedback about the likelihood of the situation.
  • The student must submit a written proposal that speaks to the extraordinary circumstances to the Head of School during December of the junior year for consideration of the following year.