Students enrolled at Marin Academy may earn credit for a course taken at another school only if (a) the course is not offered at Marin Academy, (b) the course is academically comparable to courses offered at Marin Academy, and (c) the institution offering the course is an accredited institution academically comparable to Marin Academy. Students who enroll in such courses elsewhere must maintain a minimum course load of four courses at Marin Academy, and the grade earned in such course is not included in the Marin Academy grade point average or transcript. It is the responsibility of the student to get permission from the Academic Dean, KaTrina Wentzel, before enrolling in such a course and, once approved and completed, to get a copy of an official transcript to the Marin Academy Registrar. Please note that courses taken outside of MA are never added to the Marin Academy transcript and therefore must come from an institution that provides its own. 

Remedial Work

If a student earns a D or F in a course at Marin Academy and chooses to retake the course elsewhere, standards (b) and (c) in the paragraph above apply, and the grade earned is attached to the student’s official transcript (although it does not replace the grade on the MA transcript). In certain departments, students who take such courses elsewhere may be required to complete additional testing at Marin Academy before continuing study.

Summer School

Students who undertake summer work at other schools and wish to advance in the Marin Academy curriculum as a result may qualify for placement in the next higher-level courses, without credit being granted. Qualification for placement under these circumstances is by examination administered at Marin Academy (or, in the case of the Visual and Performing Arts, by submission of a portfolio or audition).  Students who are interested in pursuing accelerated coursework should speak to the corresponding department chair for department expectations and guidelines.