Once classes begin, a student may add a course up until the end of the first academic rotation (6 days). A student may drop a course up until the end of the second academic rotation (12 days). In both cases, when requesting a schedule change, students must use an Add/Drop form, which requires signatures from teachers, advisors, parents/guardians, the Class Dean, the Academic Dean, KaTrina Wentzel, and college counselor (seniors only). After the second rotation of classes, no student will be permitted to drop a course without consultation with the teacher and parents and a written statement of approval from the Academic Dean; a late withdrawal then remains as a permanent part of the student’s transcript. A withdrawal is marked as Withdraw/Pass (W/P) or Withdraw/Fail (W/F) based on the student’s grade at the time of withdrawal from the course. Until approval is secured from the Academic Dean, the student is expected to attend the class and to meet all of the obligations of any course to be dropped.