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Ashanti Branch

Unmasking: Exploring Identity and Building Strong Connections with Teens
How can we strengthen our emotional connection with our teens? As teenagers learn healthy ways to deal with their own emotions, they confront harmful messages of masculinity and femininity that affect our boys, men, girls, and women. Ashanti Branch will explain the ways parents can help. After presenting to MA students at assembly, Ashanti will encourage parents to take off their own masks to learn how to support youth in doing the same. Ashanti started The Ever Forward Club in Oakland in 2004 to provide support for African American and Latino males who were not achieving to their potential. Ever Forward was featured in the documentary, The Mask You Live In, which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and was screened at MA to enthusiastic reception and followed by a lively Q&A with Ashanti. Ashanti completed a fellowship at the Stanford in 2016 and currently serves as Executive Director for Ever Forward-Siempre Adelante, which serves students around the Bay Area.

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