Timeline for Junior Year

College Counseling timeline for Juniors.
Marin Academy Class of 2019 Junior College Counseling Timeline

August 2017
  • Attend Junior College Preview Night on August 30th
September 2017
  • If not done already, begin to create a standardized testing timeline with the ultimate goal of having taken two tests by June of 2018.
  • If interested in playing DI college athletics, you may want to meet with your college counselor
October 2017
  • Take the PSAT on-campus on October 11th.
  • Register for winter SAT or ACT in December or January if applicable.
November 2017
  • College Kickoff Night: Mandatory attendance on either November 15th or 16th to begin scheduling individual meetings with your college counselor.
January 2018
  • Begin to explore and research colleges using college search engines on Family Connection/Naviance or College Board MatchMaker (, college guidebooks, and websites like Niche or Princeton Review.
  • Have a family discussion about factors that may affect your college search, e.g., finances, proximity to home. Parents: if you are setting any specific parameters, now is the time to share them with your son/daughter!
  • Students: Begin working on the Junior Questionnaire on Naviance/Family Connection.
  • Parents: Begin working on the Parent Questionnaire (on paper or on Naviance/Family Connection).
  • Make an appointment with your college counselor (the first meeting will be the student and College Counselor).
  • Register for SAT (March or May) OR ACT (April or June).
  • January 29: Attend Athletic Recruitment session with Josh Frechette and Aaron if planning to play a sport in college.
February 2018
  • Students & Parents: Complete respective college counseling questionnaires before meeting with college counselor.
  • Continue to explore and research colleges.
  • Based on your research, plan to visit colleges over spring break.
  • Start making summer plans.
March 2018
  • Continue to explore and research colleges.
  • Apply for summer programs/jobs/internships.
  • Put yourself on mailing lists of any colleges of interest—most schools have that function on-line.
  • Decide what Subject Tests to take in May or June and register for them.
  • Spring break: a great time to visit colleges both near and far. We would highly advise you to see a variety of schools including schools with differing selectivity.
April 2018
  • April 16 (5:00 pm): Attend the Case Studies program at Marin Catholic. This is a great event that will give you insight into the college application evaluation process.
  • Continue to explore and research colleges.
  • If you haven’t done so already, schedule another meeting with your college counselor to discuss your spring break college trip, summer plans, and senior-year class schedule.
  • If you plan to participate in college athletics, register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (
  • April 28th (Sat. 1:30-4:30 pm): National College Fair at the Cow Palace in San Francisco—over 200 colleges and universities.
May/June 2018
  • Attend college informational meetings in the Bay Area (if you’re on colleges’ mailing lists, they’ll invite you).
  • Continue to explore and research colleges.
  • Finalize summer plans.
  • As you begin to wrap up your junior year, keep all of the papers that you wrote over the year. Some colleges ask for a graded paper as part of the college application, so don’t throw any of your work out!
  • End the school year with a “working” college list of 15-20 colleges/universities.
  • Attend an essay writing workshop once classes end in late May and early June.
  • RSVP for College Application Workshop in August. This is mandatory.
Summer 2018
  • Relax and recharge.
  • Read, read, read.
  • Brainstorm ideas for your college essay.
  • Research interview opportunities.
  • Attend College Application Summer Workshop in August (dates TBA).
  • A calendar for the senior year will be distributed at the College Application Workshops and College Night for Parents of Seniors in August. (Dates TBA)