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EcoAction Garage Sale, Sunday, April 26: Got extra stuff? Eco Action is hosting an all-school garage sale open to the public on Sunday, April 26. This garage sale will wrap up the events of Greenfest Week. They need YOUR donations! Please save everything from clothing, furniture, rugs, kitchenware and small appliances to sports and exercise equipment, small electronics, and toys. All proceeds will go towards MA's sustainability initiatives. 

Marin Academy’s Eco-Council promotes a sustainable way of life within our school and neighboring communities. As we help to develop and support our community and those around us, we encourage and engage in ecologically mindful practices that align with nature’s inherent ability to sustain life.
Eco-Council is open to all members of the MA community (faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, trustees) and is a place for these different interest groups to share their ideas, plans, and progress on sustainability projects. In order to increase participation across groups, while not overwhelming everyone’s busy schedule, we will have two meetings in the fall (October 1 and November 12), one meeting in the winter (February 4), and one meeting in the spring (May 13).
Eco-Council Meetings: Students are encouraged to present their sustainability ideas, and to coordinate with interested adults to get the support necessary to implement their projects. The Eco-Council provides an avenue for our community to address real problems through tangible experience in this place where we live, learn, work, and play.
Want to get involved? If you do, talk with the Thoreau chairs (Nicole Jensen, Liz Gottlieb, and Jen Cote) via, any student in the Eco Action club, or come to one of our evening Eco-Council meetings!

Be an active participant in sustainability at MA!
Share your ideas and observations about sustainability concerns at MA. Contribute to the developing plans. Track the progress of projects and find out how you can get involved. Participate online.
If you are a member of the MA community and want to know more, please look for the Thoreau community group in MyMA.

Some of the Eco Council's Successes

The Eco Council has a lot of successful projects in their pockets; some include the Canvas Bag Initiative where students encouraged the community to leave plastic bags behind and start using re-usable cloth bags provided by the council; the Owl Project which saved several baby owls living on campus that had lost their mother; the Cafe Committee worked with the school's catering company to promote a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and incorporated the school's garden into the cafe's menu; and the Energy Committee which began the process of looking at MA's energy expenses and investigated the option of PV solar panels and discovered ways to help the school's buildings work with better energy efficiency.