Visual Arts: Ceramics, Draw/Paint, Photography

The Visual Arts program begins with an intensive foundations curriculum that proceeds to the advanced levels of ceramics, drawing & painting, and photography. Traditional, historical, global, and experimental methods are taught as different yet equally important tools for expression. Emphasis is placed upon acquiring strong technical skill and expressing meaning through images.

Visual Arts
In Visual Arts 1, students are introduced to a variety of media, both 3-d and 2-d design, and drawing. Students utilize the Elements of Art terminology as a guidepost to develop both technique and creativity. A variety of media are taught including pen, pencil, acrylic painting, ceramic handbuilding, printmaking and design projects. The emphasis is on sequential skill building and idea development.  

Drawing & Painting
In drawing and painting classes students celebrate the power of the mark of the human hand and the observation of the human eye. The methods explored are traditional methods and media, while also embracing innovative and individual approaches towards the discipline. A variety of media are taught including charcoal, pencil, oil painting, watercolor, pastel and acrylic. Each course builds on previous skill building from class to class. The program has a good balance of technical learning and hands-on experience, and allows for increasing autonomy as students advance through the levels.

In photography classes students are encouraged to hone unique artistic visions. Students begin by mastering basic camera controls and traditional darkroom photography, thereby embracing the reflective rhythm of analog technologies. Digital photography is covered in depth, with an emphasis on using Adobe Photoshop as a powerful creative tool. As students advance through the program they are encouraged to move fluidly between digital and traditional image making, at times even blending the two, basing their decision making upon which media will best help them visually articulate their concepts. At every level, students are exposed to new techniques and challenged to refine their abilities to communicate meaning through photographs.

In Ceramics classes students develop a critical awareness of 3-D design through their work using the medium of clay. Students explore methods and techniques in sculptural hand building, wheel throwing and substitution casting, while also learning about glazing and kiln firing. Each project cultivates specific skills in problem solving in developing form, theme and craftsmanship while also establishing an aesthetic vocabulary for evaluating each other’s work. Ceramic classes allow students to experiment, take risks and develop a personal voice through their artwork.

Visual Arts I
Architecture & Technology
Ceramics II
Advanced Ceramics
Visual Arts II: Beginning Drawing and Painting
Visual Arts III: Drawing and Painting
Visual Arts IV: Advanced Drawing & Painting
Photography II
Advanced Photography

Night Events:
May 7, Night of the Arts, 6:00 p.m.

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