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Announcing the Mobile App just for MA Alumni!

We are excited to introduce a new way to stay connected: the Marin Academy Alumni mobile app!  With this app your Marin Academy classmates, friends, and potential business partners are just a click away!  No matter where you live or how busy your schedule is, you will be able to connect with other alumni and keep up to date with the latest school and alumni program news. 
Features include:
  • A more accurate and user-friendly alumni directory integrated with LinkedIn
  • Real time candids for capturing and sharing those moments with MA friends
  • Alumni Events Calendar
  • One click access to MA's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages
The Marin Academy Alumni App for iPhone and Android uses email verification and is limited to use by confirmed alumni of Marin Academy. For questions or if you would like your profile to be excluded from this app, please contact Rebecca in the Office of Alumni Relations.  

Alumni Mobile App FAQ

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I log in?

    The first time you use the app you will be asked for your name and email address - please use the email address at which you recieve mail from MA.  A verification email will be sent automatically to confirm your credentials in order to gain access.  If your email is address is not accepted, please contact the Beth in the Office of Alumni Relations. Note: After initially logging in, your information will be saved and you will not be required to log in again.
  • What personal information will be available for alumni to see?

    The information available on the mobile app is identical to the information available in the MyMA Alumni Directory.  Unless you have previously modified your personal preferences, the following is automatically published for all alumni in the directory: name, street address, city, state, country, phone number, e-mail address, education, and employment. 
  • Can I edit or hide what personal information is displayed in the app?

    Yes.  Click “Update My Profile” at the bottom of your record to request the specific information that you would like to hide. You may request that your phone number, street address and/or email be hidden, while other information remains visible. Please note that regardless of your privacy settings, your name and class year will display.  If you need help updating your privacy settings please contact Beth in the Office of Alumni Relations.  
  • Can I update my profile information in the mobile app?

    It is easy to update your contact information. Click “Update My Profile” in your record and include a message with the requested changes. This will be sent to our office. To protect the integrity of the alumni database, you cannot directly change contact information in the mobile app in real time. Once received, we will make the changes for you and your profile will be updated. You may also suggest updates for other MA alumni using the "Suggest an Update" button at the bottom of the profile.
  • How do I connect the app with my LinkedIn account? 

    When you are using the Directory, you are able to connect your personal LinkedIn account with the directory by clicking the yellow button "Login to LinkedIn for enhanced profiles." Once you are logged in, you will be able to see information that alums have chosen to include on their personal LinkedIn profiles along with how many connections you have in common. You can directly connect and network with other Marin Academy alumni by clicking the yellow box "Connect with XX on LinkedIn". Any information that is provided by LinkedIn will appear on the profile screen with the LinkedIn icon to the right. 

    Don't forget to list Marin Academy in your education information and to connect with our alumni group on LinkedIn. 
  • Using the directory, can I get a list of my classmates?

    Yes, just enter your class year in the search field of the directory. 
  • Can I e-mail or call another alum directly from the app?

    Yes. While in the directory, tap the e-mail address of the alum you wish to contact and your e-mail provider will generate a message. If you click the phone number, your phone will begin to dial the number.
  • Tell me about the Nearby feature!

    "Nearby" puts our alumni directory on the map!  You will be taken to your current location and a red arrow will display representing the location on file for alumni in that area.  Zoom out by pinching two fingers together on the screen and then trail one finger to the desired area on the map.  The icons at the bottom allow you to better navigate this feature:  The clipboard allows you to see a list of alumni in the area with class year.  The magnifying glass allows you to move your search to a different location by entering a specific town, state, country, or address to search. The spotlight allows you to filter the results by name, company, or class year.  
  • Who can upload to the Candids feature?

    Everyone can!  Run into a fellow Wildcat at the supermarket?  Enjoying your annual MA-buddies dinner?  Snap a photo and upload with a caption for the rest of us to enjoy!

Looking for the online Alumni Directory?

Your best bet is to use the directory via our app, as explained below. Download the app by searching "Marin Academy Alumni" in you smartphone app store - verification is quick and easy and you'll be reconnecting with old classmates in no time!

Still interested in seeing what we keep under password? Click here to learn about registering for MyMA.