Get Involved

Introducing the Marin Academy Alumni Board

A strong Alumni Board serves as the bridge between Marin Academy's past and present and promotes a closer relationship between the school and alumni. We'd like to thank our current Alumni Board members for their ongoing commitment to MA. 

Ben Amen ‘04
Ari Blum ‘94
Zoë Gerry-Bullard Brunelle ‘04
Morgan Byce ‘09
Laurie Hanna Carrade ‘96
Taylor Galla ‘14
Brian Goldman ‘03
Michael E. Hanna ‘98
Courtney Jacobson ‘11
Nancy Kelly ‘89
Kate Knickerbocker ‘93
Jason Lee ‘07
Katy Lonergan ‘93
Preston McCaskill ‘01
Scott Mollett ‘99
Brandon Nicholson ‘01
Brittany Ouyang ‘07
Adrian West ‘93

Since February 2014 MA's Alumni Board has been coming together on a quarterly basis to advise and guide Marin Academy's Alumni Program. These conversations are exciting, generative, and reinforce the notion that the long-term success of MA's alumni program hinges on alumni participation, dedicated involvement, and ownership. We are excited to have members join our meetings from cities across the country and representing a wide range of graduation years. 

The Alumni Board will:
  • Provide guidance and feedback to Marin Academy via the Director of Alumni Relations and the Office of Advancement.
  • Support and promote programs and events.
  • Serve as the voice of the alumni to the MA community.
  • Grow and promote connections between alumni and MA’s current students.
  • Be the first to know about Marin Academy events, initiatives, and programs.

We would love to have you join us. The goals and expectations are as follows:  
  • Attend (in person or virtually) all Alumni Board meetings (4-6 per year including a one-day retreat in early fall)
  • Participate in Board conversations/tasks between meetings as necessary.
  • Attend as many Alumni events as possible.
    • At least one per year. (Don’t see an event that interests you? Let’s brainstorm some ideas and plan one together!)
  • Ongoing social media participation.
    • Promote Alumni events via personal networks (emails, Facebook, etc.) regardless of your ability to attend.
    • Share a post, comment on a photo, or initiate a discussion on Facebook or LinkedIn… your participation will serve as a great model to the general alumni community.
  • Make a gift to the annual fund. (No gift is too small, but we expect that you will serve as a model of participation.)
If you are interested in learning more and/or joining us, please email Rebecca in our Alumni Office.