Apply to MA

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  • Click here to find the steps required to apply to MA.

    • Create an account on Ravenna-Hub and complete the STUDENT PROFILE, select Marin Academy, and click "Apply" 
    • Submit the APPLICATION (Bay Area Independent High School Parent/Guardian Common Form, Application Fee/Fee Waiver Code, Parent Statement, and Student Application)
    • Submit three RECOMMENDATIONS (current math and English teachers, current principal or guidance counselor)
    • Submit TRANSCRIPTS from current & previous academic year
    • Submit a copy of a GRADED EXPOSITORY ESSAY with teacher comments 
    • Participate in the optional CHARACTER SKILLS SNAPSHOT (MA is piloting this optional program along with several other schools this year)

Ways to Learn about MA

List of 1 frequently asked questions.

  • Click here to learn about optional ways to get to know MA.

    • Create an account on Ravenna-Hub and complete the STUDENT PROFILE, select Marin Academy, and click "Apply" 
      Attend a STUDENT VISIT DAY (students only)
    • Attend an On-Campus OR Regional PARENT INFORMATION SESSION (parents/guardians only)
    • Attend an OPEN HOUSE on 9/23 or 10/29 (parents and students)
    • Attend the MA AFFORDABILITY SEMINAR on 11/29 (parents and students)
    • Attend an on-campus ATHLETIC CONTEST or ARTS PERFORMANCE (parents and students)

Welcome to Marin Academy!

On behalf of the entire MA community, we thank you for your interest in our school. And while we hope to see you on campus soon, we encourage you, in the meantime, to explore our website to learn more about what makes us who we are. 
At MA, we believe educational excellence should push the boundaries of what is known today in order to prepare students for a world we can’t even imagine tomorrow. As a result, MA graduates are as well-prepared as they are well-rounded, and are uniquely qualified to embrace and solve the problems of the 21st century. And because many voices are welcomed and encouraged at MA, our students cultivate the tools they need to live their lives fully, and the inspiration to contribute as compassionate citizens to our world.
Our classrooms are the starting point for a journey of learning, not the end. MA students are empowered to reflect deeply in order to make meaning of what’s been learned, a philosophy reinforced in the way we structure our day and in our practice of ensuring that instruction and assessments emphasize deep understanding as the true pinnacle of achievement—not just getting the answer right on a test. One of the benefits of being able to think deeply about their subjects is that our students develop critical thinking sensibilities—our curriculum allows students to look at problems from multiple perspectives, to analyze, and to synthesize until solutions are in view. 
Finally, at MA, we believe school should be joyful. Our formula for a joyous high school experience is to create a perfect blend of intellectualism, creativity, athleticism, compassion, and fun. Our graduates tell us time and time again the joy they found in their MA experience stemmed from the mix of all of those things together, and from the knowledge that supportive arms were around them on their journeys.
Speaking of journeys, we wish you the very best on yours, and hope it brings you to campus soon.
The Marin Academy Admissions Team

Contact Us

Marin Academy Admissions Office
1600 Mission Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901

If your needs are more immediate, please contact the Admissions Office by phone at (415) 453-2808 or by fax at (415) 453–8905.
Para información en español, oprima abajo y seleccione “Spanish.”

Important Dates & Deadlines

  • Application Deadline: January 11, 2018
  • Financial Aid Deadline: January 18, 2018
  • Admissions Decisions Available: March 16, 2018

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  • Trent Nutting 

    Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
    (415) 482-3216
  • Evie Koh 

    Senior Associate Director of Admissions
    (415) 482-3225
  • Nghiem Bui 

    Assistant Director of Admissions
    (415) 482-3223
  • Joann Gatine 

    Admissions Associate