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Thoreau Chair for Sustainability

About the Thoreau Chair

The H.D. Thoreau Chair for Sustainability at Marin Academy was created to support the idea that we are a part of nature, and that to be fully educated means, among many things, to understand our place in the web of life and “to accept the responsibilities posed by education in a democratic society.” Through interdisciplinary curriculum development, teaching, and mentoring the student community, the Thoreau chair will seek to support an education program at MA that recognizes citizenship in today’s world rests on a deep ecological understanding.

Mark Stefanski is excited to lead issues on sustainability at MA as the Thoreau Chair for 2019-2020.

In his role this year, Mark will work with the MA community to promote Ecological Mindfulness as a core community value at MA by:
  • drafting and implementing a comprehensive Transportation Demand Management Plan
  • exploring ways to improve our recycling and composting infrastructure, participation and community education 
  • working to promote use of MA’s beautiful garden by the MA community
  • bringing sustainably-minded people together at EcoAction and EcoCouncil meetings
  • helping to organize the EcoAction biennial garage sale to benefit ecologically mindful projects at MA, the greater community, and beyond
  • working with MAPA to reduce waste at evening events
To contribute your observations and ideas, feel free to contact Mark via email at:

Looking forward to working with you!

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