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Brizendine Visiting Scholars Program

The Brizendine Visiting Scholars Program was established in June 2007 as an endowed fund to honor Marin Academy’s Head of School from 1995 to 2007, Bodie Brizendine. Its goal is to bring a university professor or other accomplished specialist to work with MA students and faculty members in order to enhance the community’s understanding of and appreciation for a particular field of study. The program rotates through the academic departments of the school, and is coordinated by Derek Anderson, Head Librarian and History Teacher.
Say What? The Art of Compelling Expression
Whole School Event, Thursday, November 8th

How can you compellingly express yourself in science through different communication mediums? We want you to gain an understanding of the merits of different means of science communication, come away with a few tools, and gain an appreciation for and understanding of a presenter’s pathway, successes, and challenges.

Part 1 - Assembly: Hear all speakers for 5 minutes each
Part 2 - Workshop: Attend one of 6 possible workshops

The program begins in the New Gym at 10:40.  Then, the break out sessions are from 11:25-12:05.

Say What? The Art of Compelling Expression

List of 6 items.

  • Larry Gonick and a Cartoonist’s Science

    As a cartoonist and graphic artist, Larry Gonick is a pioneering science and social science communicator best known for his various "Cartoon Guides" and "Cartoon Histories", most notably the all-encompassing multivolume Cartoon History of the Universe. His “Cartoon Guides” to statistics, algebra, calculus, computer science, physics, and chemistry, to name only a few, have become classics in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Forrest Hanson '06

    Forrest Hanson is a business consultant and writer focused on working with clients and exploring ideas inside the general territory of personal growth and development. His private practice helps helpers learn how to talk about their work and share their stories online.

    Forrest co-authored the new book Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness with his father, Dr. Rick Hanson. He also publishes the Being Well Podcast, which helps listeners learn how to develop and use key inner strengths.

    A graduate of Marin Academy and UC Berkeley focusing on political linguistics and social theory, Forrest wrote his honors thesis on communications trends in Presidential campaigns. He’s worked in one of the world’s leading PR firms, ran the communications team for a social media startup, and founded Eusophi, a website with high-quality content from experts in the fields of happiness, health, wealth, and wisdom.
  • Marjorie Sun

    Marjorie is a former journalist for NPR and Science magazine. She produced a 3-part series on China and sustainability for KQED radio and crowdfunded her reporting trip to China.
    She's now executive director of the non-profit, China-US Innovation Alliance. At the Alliance, she connects energy leaders from China and the U.S. to accelerate clean energy innovation.

    Among the highlights, she's organized an expert panel on the future of electric buses in China and the U.S. In partnership with the recent Global Action Climate Summit in San Francisco, she convened a panel of experts from China, Australia and California on how to make the electrical grid more resilient in the face of climate change.
  • Rogelio Bernal Andreo

    Rogelio Bernal Andreo is an award-winning astrophotographer whose photos frequently appear on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day website and have been recognized with awards heavyweights in the international astronomy community such as Astronomy magazine and the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. He is formally trained as a computer scientist, with degrees in
    computer science from Harvard and the Wentworth Institute of Technology. He worked as a software engineer for Netscape and eBay , and started astrophotography as a hobby in 2008. His work can be found on his website, Deep Sky Colors, on Instagram, Flickr
    and Facebook all @deepskycolors.
  • Sara ElShafie: Science through Story

    “Good communication requires good storytelling.”

    Sarah ElShafie works at the intersection of art and science. She is the creator of “Science Through Storytelling” workshops, which she developed in collaboration with artists at Pixar studios. She is also a frequent speaker on science topics, science communication, and STEM education. Sarah is also a research scientist at the University of California Museum of Paleontology where she looks at fossil records to better predict the effects of climate change on animals today.
  • Tyler DeWitt

    Dr. Tyler DeWitt is a research scientist, high school teacher, and digital content author. He is the creator of one of the most popular educational channels on YouTube and is a frequent speaker on science topics, science communication, and STEM education.

    Tyler holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from MIT, where he served as student coordinator for the new MIT+K12 video outreach project. At MIT, he was a National Science Foundation Fellow
    and a Graduate Resident Tutor.