Signature Programs

We’re known for academic and co-curricular programs that push past the boundaries of traditional education.

At Marin Academy, we don’t have “math kids” or “history kids.” We encourage our students to immerse themselves in everything, and we work hard to foster an educational experience that illustrates the connections between varying disciplines. We have an expectation of leaning into things that don’t come naturally and we encourage collaboration across all areas, highlighting unlikely connections for our students and encouraging them to think outside the box and to find inventive solutions.

Our signature programs are designed to empower students by putting them at the center of their education. Our goal is for students to take what they learn, connect it to what they believe, and then connect that to what they do in the world. Each of the programs you read about here give students an opportunity to spark connections—as individuals and as members of society.

Marin Academy Research Collaborative (MARC)

students in bee keeping gear looking at honeycomb

The Marin Academy Research Collaborative (MARC) program is specifically designed to engage a diverse group of students in cutting-edge science and engineering research that is characteristic of college-level courses. Learn more.

Transdisciplinary Leadership Program (TLP)

students standing, smiling, and holding up signs

TLP is an innovative, application based program for students in their senior year, where they practice core leadership skills while actively engaging in projects that seek to create a more just, sustainable, and beautiful future for their communities. Learn more.


students and staff smiling and standing on beach with buckets

Marin Academy’s Outings Program epitomizes experiential education with its core values of experiencing nature, ecological knowledge, personal development, and stewardship. Learn more.

Conference on Democracy

3 MA students talking to Conference on Democracy panelist

The Conference on Democracy is an annual event that provides a wide array of perspectives on political, social, economic, and environmental issues that our communities face locally, nationally, and globally. Learn more.


smiling student on a bridge

Each Minicourse challenges students in a variety of ways through environmental stewardship, community service, academic and/or artistic enrichment, wilderness skills, and living experiences. Learn more.


people sitting in a circle by a lake with goats in background

The Bay Area BlendEd Consortium is a partnership of seven schools that combines demonstrated best practices for online learning with our schools’ proven strengths in direct classroom instruction and experiential learning. Learn more.

Literary Festival

person talking into microphone with others looking on

During LitFest, guests and MA faculty and staff present interactive workshops that highlight literature beyond what is taught in the classroom, and students are encouraged to share their own work. Learn more.