Privilege & Inclusion: Is MA a Sausage Factory?

Saturday, May 3, 2015

MAPA & POSOC invite you to join our conversation on privilege and inclusion.

In his presentation last week, Tim Wise, anti-racist educator and activist, asked a roomful of MA parents, "Can a sausage factory really make chicken nuggets?" This was a challenge to us to consider whether a predominantly wealthy and white school like MA can ever produce anything but young people oblivious to both the sources of their privilege and the role that privilege plays in sustaining racism and classism. An extension of that question might be, "Does a place of privilege like MA deny its families of color and working-class families a sense of belonging?" Few elite schools work harder than MA to ask such questions. Our students and teachers have numerous opportunities to grapple with issues like racism and white privilege — opportunities for engagement and inquiry that are built into the fabric of an MA education. But we parents have few occasions to engage with each other on these difficult but important topics.