Recommendation Forms

Most colleges and universities will want to see recommendations by teachers and your college counselor. Please look at each school’s requirements early in the process to make sure you are obtaining the right variety of recommendations.
Teacher Recommendations
The purpose of this recommendation is to provide information about you as a student in a particular class. Sometimes colleges will ask that teachers of a specific subject area write your recommendation. Often, however, you choose who will write for you. The person you choose should know you well. The more insight a teacher has into you as a student and a person, the better your recommendation will be. It is a good idea to ask your teacher for a recommendation early in the fall of senior year and to do so in a way that allows a teacher to say no.
Counselor's Recommendation
Written by one of the college counselors, this recommendation is a summary of all you have done at Marin Academy. This report discusses your academic strengths, extracurricular involvements, and general qualities and characteristics. To help us write the most complete letters possible, we ask a parent to fill out a parent questionnaire. We also require you to fill out a junior questionnaire to make sure we know as much as possible about you for the letter. The better we know you, the more comprehensive the letter can be.
Recommendation Forms
In the fall you will be given three large forms that will be used for obtaining recommendations, two for teacher recs and one for your counselor recs. It is required that you use these forms in order to get recs and transcripts sent to the appropriate colleges. These forms will help organize things for the people writing your recommendations.

College Counseling Sends the Following to Colleges
  • Transcript
  • College Counselor Recommendation: for those schools that require them, the counselor recommendation will be sent with your transcript.
  • MA Profile: a description of the school and the courses offered so the college admissions officers can appreciate the context of an application from the school.
  • School Report Forms: MA uses its own secondary school report form. This form replaces all other private college secondary school report forms, including the one contained in the Common Application.
  • Please remember that the College Counseling office does NOT send your official SAT or ACT scores.