The first step of this process should be to do some self-reflection. To find a college match, you need to know a lot about who you are. You are a unique individual with your own needs, goals, values, talents, and interests. Spend some time thinking about yourself and writing about how you see yourself and who you are. The following are just a few questions designed to help you with some of your self-reflection
  • What are your academic interests? What courses do you enjoy the most?
  • Is there anything that you would like to learn that is not taught at school?
  • How do you learn best? What styles of teaching and classroom environments are best for you?
  • Have there been any outside circumstances that have kept you from doing as well as you could in school?
  • What activities interest you the most?
Think about these questions seriously and be prepared to answer them. The better you know yourself through your own actions, ideas and reflection, the more you will know about what you want in a college and what type of environment will be a good match for you. College essay questions will be similar to these sorts of questions.