Timeline for Senior Year

College Counseling Timeline for Seniors
Marin Academy Class of 2019
Fall 2018
  • Attend after school meetings with college reps at MA. (More than 100 will visit our school). To see the schedule, check the College Counseling Calendar online and also be sure to register in SCOIR for each visit. Weekly updates will also be posted on the College Counseling bulletin board in Foster Hall and the Cafe, and Moriah will send email reminders. You should plan to attend every school visit on your current college list!
  • Discuss your working college list with your parents and college counselor.
  • No Senioritis! Your first semester grades are important. Doing well with a strong schedule can make a difference with college admission.
August/September 2018
  • Aug 24 or 27: Mandatory Application Workshop
  • Schedule an appointment with your college counselor.
  • If you plan on taking any standardized tests this fall, register for them as soon as possible.
  • Sept 4-12: Talk to teachers who you would like to write recommendations for you. Do not ask them before or after these dates!
  • September 7: Registration deadline for the Oct 6 SAT and SAT Subject Tests
  • Sept 28: Registration deadline for the Oct 27 ACT
  • Arrange on-campus or alumni interviews, if necessary
October 2018
  • Oct 1 through Nov 30: CSU filing period
  • Oct 5: Registration deadline for the Nov 3 SAT and SAT Subject Tests
  • Oct 10: Paying for College Night (in partnership with Branson School) for students and parents from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Oct 15: Application deadline for some colleges that require art supplements and large southern public universities
  • Oct 24: Final day for students to add colleges to their application list. After this date, they must come and speak to their counselor in-person to add or remove colleges in addition to completing a yellow form.
  • If applying Early Decision or Early Action, arrange for the College Board and/or ACT to send your standardized test scores, and submit the CSS PROFILE (if applying for financial aid).
  • Work on essays; write final draft of UC essays.
  • Finalize list of colleges to which you plan to apply – no more than 12
  • Continue to check in with your college counselor
  • Gather and begin to fill out all financial aid applications, if appropriate (CSS PROFILE and/or FAFSA)
  • Cal Grant – If interested be sure to return the form sent to you from College Counseling
November 2018
  • Nov 1: Early Decision/Action deadline for some colleges and universities
  • Nov 1 through 30: UC application filing period
  • Nov 2: Registration deadline for the December 1 SAT and SAT Subject Tests
  • Nov 2: Registration deadline for the December 8 ACT test
  • Nov 15: Early Decision/Action deadline for some colleges and universities
  • Submit any financial aid documents (FAFSA/CSS Profile) for ED/EA schools.
  • Nov 30: UC and CSU filing deadline
  • Have SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and/or ACT test scores sent to colleges. MA does not send scores.
December 2018
  • Begin sending all Regular Decision applications for private colleges and universities.
  • Do your best on final exams - it's important!
  • Review scholarship opportunities
  • Finish private college applications (January 1 and 15 are common deadlines)
Winter 2018
  • Mid-year Reports are sent to colleges from College Counseling Office except for UC and CSU schools, which do not require mid-year grades
  • January 1 to February 1: Submit Financial Aid forms
  • January 10th Parents of Seniors Gathering - BBLC lecture hall 8:30 AM
Spring 2019
  • February 1 through April 15: College admission decisions will be sent to you; keep your college counselor informed
  • Send a thank you note to your teacher recommenders
  • May 1: National enrollment deadline for all colleges
  • Final transcripts are sent automatically by the College Counseling Office