Annie Elias

"Don’t Be Prepared!”

Thursday, October 4 from 6:45 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Black Box Theater in the Performing Arts Center
If you are afraid of improvisation, associating it with having to be funny and clever, this workshop is a gentle, non-threatening introduction to improvisation through theater games that are applicable to all creative endeavors, whether in the arts or other aspects for life.  The workshop will explore spontaneity, imagination, and other topics through fun group exercises. Remember - you’re always improvising; it’s our natural state!
Annie Elias has been teaching theater and directing at MA since 2000.  She took her first theater class at age 27, a theater games workshop in a Vermont town hall.  The class changed her life and she’s been teaching and practicing theater games ever since.  Annie holds a BA in English and Art History from Mills College and studied dramaturgy at the A.R.T. Institute for Advanced Theater Studies in Cambridge, MA. She is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship and Ensemble Studio Theater/Sloan Foundation Science and Technology grant for her original adaptation of Einstein’s Dreams. She has studied directing, writing and acting with a number of outstanding theater artists, including David Esbjornson (directing) and Ken Prestininzi (playwriting). Annie has a special interest in documentary theater and is reprising her original 2012 documentary theater piece “Tenderloin” this January at the Cutting Ball Theater.