Why MA?


Creativity thrives when an educational environment fosters varied approaches to tasks and minimizes, at all costs, student intellectual self-censorship.

At Marin Academy, faculty provides significant outlets for creativity through more traditional means of expression like the visual and performing arts, music, and creative writing. Students also have the opportunity to stretch their inventive muscles through other academic assignments from creating original research proposals in the sciences through MARC and the science symposium, performing music from the 1920’s while learning about the Depression, and delivering final reports using different media from documentary-style short films.

In the near future, MA hopes that students will have even more opportunities for creativity within specific classes as we shift to inquiry-based assignments. As the Design Lab allows for more engagement with design-thinking, our students can begin to develop their own unique systems of generating original ideas.

Our faculty have noted we can do a better job of cultivating creativity by allowing for more assignments that are low-stakes and encourage students to take an intellectual risk and have the opportunity to fail.