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Cooperative learning is working together to learn from and with each other.

Cooperative learning is at the heart of an MA education. At MA, cooperative learning means working together to learn from and with each other. During cooperative learning, each student’s individual capacity is enhanced because of the perspectives and feedback they gain by being a part of a group. This stands in contrast to group work where students delegate tasks to be completed by individuals; rather, true cooperative learning experiences are designed in such a way that students rely on each other to build new understanding greater than what they might have achieved alone.

Cooperative learning is ubiquitous across MA disciplines and co-curricular student life. Students have opportunities for cooperation that range from engaging in short problem-solving activities to semester-long projects and all in-between. In one day, a student might spend five minutes working cooperatively on a warm-up in math class, have lunch discussing social justice issues at a club meeting, present with a group to their history class, and go to rehearsal for a one-act play after school; students also delve into multiple-day cooperative learning quests with our EOY programs and in many minicourses.