Timeline for Junior Year

Junior College Counseling Timeline
Marin Academy Class of 2020
Fall 2018
  • Attend after school meetings with college admission reps at MA. (More than 100 will visit our school). To see the schedule, check the College Counseling Calendar online and also be sure to register in SCOIR for each visit. Weekly updates will also be posted on the College Counseling bulletin board in Foster Hall and the Cafe, and Moriah will send email reminders. You should plan to attend at least three of these visits!
September 2018
  • Sept 6: Attend Junior College Preview Night (alternate date Sept 5)
  • If not done already, begin to create a standardized testing timeline with the ultimate goal of having taken two tests by June of 2018.
  • If interested in playing DI college athletics, you may want to meet with your college counselor
October 2018
  • October 5: Registration deadline for the November 3 SAT
  • October 10: Paying for College Night for students and parents from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
  • October 10: Take the PSAT on-campus
  • Register for winter SAT or ACT in December or January if applicable.
November 2018
  • Nov 2: Deadline to register for the Dec 1 SAT and Dec 9 ACT
December 2018
  • Begin to sign up for student-only individual meetings with college counselors
January 2019
  • January 12: National Portfolio Day for art supplements
  • January 18: Marin Academy’s own case studies program. There will be nine deans of admission representing diverse colleges to provide insight into the college application evaluation process. This event is mandatory for students and very important for parents. If parents are only able to make it to one event this year, it should be this one!
  • Begin to explore and research colleges using college search engines on SCOIR or College Board MatchMaker (, college guidebooks, and websites like Niche or Princeton Review.
  • Have a family discussion about factors that may affect your college search, e.g., finances, proximity to home. Parents: if you are setting any specific parameters, now is the time to share them with your student!
  • Students: Begin working on the Junior Questionnaire via Google Survey
  • Parents: Begin working on the Parent Questionnaire via Google Survey Link
  • Make an appointment with your college counselor (the first meeting will be the student and college counselor).
  • Register for SAT (March or May) OR ACT (April or June).
February 2019
  • Students & Parents: Complete respective college counseling questionnaires before meeting with college counselor
  • Continue to explore and research colleges
  • Based on your research, plan to visit colleges over spring break.
  • Start making summer plans
  • Begin to sign up for junior family meetings with your college counselor
March 2019
  • Continue to explore and research colleges
  • Apply for summer programs/jobs/internships
  • Put yourself on mailing lists of any colleges of interest—most schools have that function online
  • Decide if you will be taking SAT subject tests and register in May or June if applicable
  • Spring break: a great time to visit colleges both near and far. We would highly advise you to see a variety of schools including schools with differing selectivity
April 2019
  • April 17: Attend Athletic Recruitment session with Kacie Schilling and Aaron (hosted at Branson in Student Commons) if planning to play a sport in college
  • Continue to explore and research colleges on SCOIR.
  • If you haven’t done so already, schedule another meeting with your college counselor to discuss your spring break college trip, summer plans, and senior-year class schedule
  • If you plan to participate in college athletics, register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (
May/June 2019
  • Attend college informational meetings in the Bay Area (if you’re on colleges’ mailing lists, they’ll invite you)
  • Continue to explore and research colleges
  • Finalize summer plans
  • As you begin to wrap up your junior year, keep all of the papers that you wrote over the year. Some colleges ask for a graded paper as part of the college application, so don’t throw any of your work out!
  • End the school year with a “working” college list of 15-20 colleges/universities
  • Attend an essay writing workshop once classes end in late May and early June
  • RSVP for College Application Workshop in August. This is mandatory.
Summer 2019
  • Relax and recharge.
  • Read, read, read.
  • Brainstorm ideas for your college essay.
  • Research interview opportunities.
  • Attend College Application Summer Workshop in August (dates TBA).