Faculty Support

By reimagining what we teach and how we teach, we can empower students to lead and thrive in a world that requires new fluencies in problem-solving, collaboration, and global citizenship.

Marin Academy is fully immersed in the work of reshaping the high school experience to prepare students with the competencies the world now needs. Your gifts will help attract and retain the world-class teachers who create transformational learning experiences MA is known and valued for.  

Forward Progress
Campaign dollars are already at work, helping MA evolve an educational model that can best prepare students to engage in an increasingly connected and complex world. We’re investing in project-based learning through the Transdisciplinary Leadership Program (TLP), including an endowed TLP chair. We’ve also launched new programs in instructional coaching and competency-based grading and pedagogies in the classroom.  

What’s Next?
The campaign will continue to fund new faculty leaders and cross-disciplinary course offerings, as well as professional development in project-based and competency-based education.

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The Marin Academy Research Collaborative (MARC) program engages students in cutting-edge science and engineering research.

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Liz Gottlieb
 Transdisciplinary Learning

the Transdisciplinary Leadership Program helps students gain insight into their own skills, passions, and values as they work toward common course and community goals. These are transformational experiences students take with them for success in college and beyond.

 liz gottlieb, science and tlp teacher, penn fellows coach