Equity and Inclusion

Our vision for education is best achieved within a learning environment that is purposefully diverse and inclusive. We seek to create a community in which all members have an equal opportunity to thrive.

It is not enough to bring students with diverse perspectives, learning styles, and lived experiences to campus; we must actively create a culture that supports positive expressions of identity, supported by systems and practices that ensure all students and staff feel valued and respected. 

Forward Progress
To date, we’ve invested in comprehensive professional development to equip faculty with culturally responsive teaching methods. We’re also working with thought leaders like Joe Feldman, author of Grading for Equity, to bring competency-based grading practices into our classrooms and Dr. Howard Stevenson of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education to better promote racial literacy at MA. 

In addition to our Dean of Equity and Inclusion, we have built out the Equity and Inclusion cohort to include a Director of Student Inclusion and Belonging and a Guidance Counselor. 

What’s Next?
In order for MA to be an educational leader, we must continue to define what it means to be a diverse and equitable community. Marin Academy is not the first to do this work, but we keep thinking, questioning, and creating initiatives to push the work forward.                                                      


Karina B '23

Coming to MA as a person of color I was worried about not fitting in with my classmates, but as I joined Identity and Equity (IDEQ) groups such as Women of Color (WOC) and Latinx Student Union (LSU) I was able to connect with other students of color who share similar Identities as I do. I think that these clubs at MA really allowed me to open up about struggles that I wouldn’t be able to share anywhere else! 

 Karina ’23
Piya Kashyap

At MA, we aspire to be a truly integrated multicultural community in which every student and adult has an equitable opportunity to thrive, feel empowered, and belong. The work of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a shared endeavor—one that can enhance the educational experience provided by MA.

 Piya Kashyap, Dean of Equity and Inclusion