The Campaign for Marin Academy: Going Beyond is a five-year $32 million campaign launched in 2018 to help empower the next generation of students for a world that demands new competencies.

The Going Beyond campaign is intrinsically tied to our Strategic Plan, enabling innovations across our curriculum, our community, and our campus. Through these investments, Marin Academy will not only enrich and distinguish the student experience, we will also position our school to become a national leader in curricular innovation.

Going Beyond will help Marin Academy innovate and lead in all the ways the school excels: great teachers and a forward-looking teaching model; a diverse learning community that embraces many voices; and a campus that inspires and connects.

Since our first donor commitment in 2019, Marin Academy has raised $25 million of our $32 million goal. Today, we invite you to join our 171 generous founding donors and invest in changes to our learning environment that will better prepare students to lead and thrive—as critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and compassionate global citizens.

These generous donations help accelerate our aspirations:

  • The new MA Aquatic Center, completed in June 2022
  • More than $2 million given toward expanded tuition assistance
  • Launch of the Penn Fellows program for the fall of 2022
  • Commitment to equity and inclusion through newly created positions, including a Dean of Equity and Inclusion, our new Director of Student Inclusion and Belonging, and a new Guidance Counselor
  • The growth of our Transdisciplinary Leadership Program (TLP)
  • Development of a newly endowed chair of the Transdisciplinary Leadership Program (TLP)
  • Expanded professional development for faculty in competency-based education and grading for equity


Anonymous (19)
Manish and Aparna Aghi
Mary Alexandre
Rona Gomel Ashe and Neil Ashe
Tania Balazs
The Barlow Family
Sloan and Roger Barnett
Kirsten and Michael Beckwith
Alan and Mary Jo Bernard
Margot and Kyle Biehle
Ari '94 and Mead Blum
Dorsi Bonner '04
Michael Boorstein
Emily Mackenzie Brakebill
Anne Travis Brownley and Elizabeth J. Katz
Richard and Judith Burns
Thomas and Sara Byrne
Berta Campos-Anicetti and John Anicetti
Patricia Capbarat
Glenda Carroll
Bernidet Keil Celia '00
David Champagne
Jarrett Cherner '99
Josh Cherner '01
Anne and David Claman
Katherine Claman '15
The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation on the recommendation of Charles H. Clifford, Jr.
Jon and Angela Cohen
Teal and Kevin Conroy
Mona and Mark Couchman
Linda Cronin and Owen Clements
Timothy Curtin
Gregory and Susanna Daniels
Jessica Dehnert '01
Rhea and Rajan Dev
Ann and Robert Devens
Maya deVries '00
Amie Dewane
Kristin and Andrew Dickinson
Peter and Catheryne DiPrete
Lindsay and Chris Dunham
Brighid Dwyer '97
Nick and Rebecca Eaton
Judith Eisenman
Jessica and Michael Eisler
Chris and Sheri Ericksen
Mark Evans
Carl Flemming and Catherine McCormick
Conor Flemming '10
Patrick Flemming '03
Melissa Foley
John and Christine Foote
Kenneth and Jane Frost
Griffin Grooms '21

Cristina and Scott Gutterman

Tai Hallstein '13
Anne Harper and Rick Ronald
Chris and Lisa Hauswirth
Jon Haveman and Mary Ann Stich
Lindsay and Maxwell '05 Hayman
David Herman '01
Kate and Chris Hobbs
Kimberly and Jake Hobson
Kip and Sara Howard
Catherine Hunter '74
Jimmy '85 and Laurie Hyman
Jessica Jakobi
Sarah Janoff-Brinn '03
The Roy Jenkyn Family
Philip Jonckheer
Mike and Martha Joyce and Family
Chris Jurach
Vatche and Julie Kalfayan
April, Miles, Peter and Rachel Kelly
Kyndra and Iain Kennedy
Danielle Kingsley '05
Ned Klingelhofer and Laura Alber
Christina and Eron Kosmowski
Clay Krebs '11
John Krehbiel
Meg Krehbiel
Mikael Langner
Erik Larson and Natalie McCullough
Jaison and Tracy Layney
Carol and Doug Lee
George and Renate Lee
Jason Lee '07
Paul Levitan and Lauren Cooks Levitan
Greg Little and Alicia Nogales
The Longley Family
Patrice and Walther Lovato
Bill Love
Tom and Marie Lyons
Randi Bakken
Francis and Julie Mascheroni
Andrew F. and Ann B. Mathieson Fund
Victoria Mathieson '10
The McCullough Family
Jean Stephan McKinley
Sonnet and Ian McKinnon
Marie McSweeney
Caitlin McVarish
Richard Meyerhoff and Barb Wheeler
James Morrison and Anne Wilbur
Wilson Neate
James Nelson
Andreea Nicolescu
Nichole Norby
Stephanie and Lee Notowich

Elizabeth Pappademas '98

Parasol Foundation
Ruth Parasol '84
Gary and Barbara Parlapiano
Meredith Pechoultres
The Pedrero Family
Michael and Joanne Pelfini
Stacy and Matthew Perry
Malcolm and Ann Plant
Kevin Porter
Scott Potter '86
Amy and Garrett Price
Timothy Reid
Robert J. and Paula B. Reynolds Fund
Rezaian Family Fund
Stéphane and Janiece Richard
George and Nancy Ridout
Kate and Art Ringness
Louisa Ritter
William and Sissy Robbins
Laurel Roberts-Meese '04
Sophie and Dane Ross
The Rowles Family
Sachleben Sullivan Family Fund
Ed and Michelle Sarti
Barney and Temple Schauble
David Schubert '79
Dave and Kathy Scially
Jorun and Harmon Shragge
Jennifer and Tony Smorgon
Lynn Sondag and Rinko Ghosh
Ryan Spies '01
Tony Stais and Marcie Holland
Jim and Judith Stambolis
The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation
Juliet and Kelly Starrett
Jeff Stevens
Alisa and Keith Stimson
Joe Summerill and Wes Bizzell
Marcia Syufy
Mandy and Scott Tachiki
The Thau Family
Maryann and Don Thompson
Christopher Timossi
The Todd Family
Christopher and Waneska Torto
James Charles Tull
Lori Viti
The Wadhwani Family
The Warner Family
Cindy and Graham Weaver
Olivia Wilson '12
Adi Wise
Marcus Witte and Payton Witte '17
Ronald and D. Jill Young
Mark and Andrea Zola