Our strategic plan charts our path forward as a nationally recognized institution that prepares students to lead and thrive in an evolving world.

The Campaign For Marin Academy: Going Beyond

In the fall of 2018, Marin Academy envisioned the Going Beyond Campaign. This campaign, intrinsically tied to our Strategic Plan, includes innovations in our curriculum, our community, and our campus. Through these investments, Marin Academy will not only enrich and distinguish the student experience but will also position our school to become a national leader in curricular innovation. 

Going Beyond will help Marin Academy innovate and lead in all the ways the school excels: great teachers and a forward-looking teaching model; a learning community that embraces many voices; and a campus that inspires and connects. Campaign gifts will fund four transformative opportunities:

Curriculum: Innovate and Lead

Our educational model will better reflect the ways in which our students will engage in the world. We will expand opportunities for students to explore practical solutions to real-world issues.

  • Faculty Development. Equip teachers to apply learning to real-world problem-solving.

  • Curriculum innovations. Develop additional transdisciplinary leadership programming and teaching models.

  • Partnerships – Tap into outside experts and community-based organizations throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Community: Confront Barriers

We are creating a learning environment that encourages many voices. Diverse viewpoints help students understand who they are, and the world they live in. Given our location, this means we need to confront the barriers that make it challenging for students and employees to learn and work here.

  • Access. Achieve socio-economic diversity through increased tuition assistance, removing barriers to an MA education.

  • Equity and inclusion. Address systemic inequities through programs and school-wide training in culturally responsive teaching. 

  • Affordability solutions. Provide flexible benefits that can alleviate the Bay Area’s high cost of living and to attract and retain best-qualified employees.

Campus: Excellence without Exception

The Marin Academy campus supports a perfect blend of intellectualism, creativity, athleticism, compassion, and balance. 

  • Fulfill our campus plan. Complete a modern aquatic center. Create opportunities for competition, wellness, learning, and community-building that exist nowhere else on campus. 

  • Wellness. Expand programs and offerings to promote intellectual, physical, and personal growth.

  • Community. Share our campus with the greater community as a way to serve the public good and open pathways for prospective students. 

Culture: Inspiring Generosity 

The Marin Academy Annual Fund ensures our financial sustainability as a school and makes a direct impact on the people and programs that fulfill MA’s educational vision, day in and day out. 

Since our first donor commitment in 2019, Marin Academy has raised $24.4 million of our $32 million goal. Today, I invite you to join our 166 generous founding donors and invest in changes to our learning environment that will better prepare students to lead and thrive – as critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and compassionate global citizens. 

Success to date includes:

  • Our new aquatic center, well underway, will be completed in summer 2022

  • More than $2 million toward expanded tuition assistance 

  • Launch of the Penn Fellows program for the fall of 2022

  • Commitment to our equity, inclusion, and belonging roles including Dean of Equity and Inclusion and our new Director of Student Inclusion and Belonging

  • The growth of our Transdisciplinary Leadership Program (TLP)

  • Development of a newly endowed chair of Transdisciplinary Leadership Program (TLP)

We invite you to support educational innovation through faculty development, curriculum innovations, and partnerships and to confront barriers with increased tuition assistance, support for our ongoing equity and inclusion efforts and finding affordability solutions to retain and recruit our talented faculty and staff. 

To learn more about our Going Beyond Campaign, visit us online or reach out to our Director of Advancement, Janiece Richard

The Campaign for Marin Academy: Going Beyond

To make a gift to Going Beyond, please contact Janiece Richard.