Coronavirus 2021-2022

Marin Academy is tracking news and information related to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it may impact our community. This page provides information and resources for MA families and will be updated as the situation evolves.

Marin Academy Updates

Marin Academy Family Community Action 

We can continue to feel connected through service, and there are ways we can support our community partner organizations at this time.

MAPA Recommendations for Support in the Community

Our MAPA community of parents are always tirelessly working in a myriad of ways to support members of our community. During this pandemic, there are many ways to get involved and volunteer to support your neighbors, the elderly, and those communities that are hardest hit. Below are some ways you can get involved:

Mindfulness Resources for Parents, Teens, and Young Adults

Here is a list of helpful resources for mindfulness and mental health practices amid the Coronavirus pandemic.