Identity and Equity Groups

Being a part of MA’s IDEQ community helps students develop an appreciation for their own identities and those of others.

Through MA's Identity and Equity Groups, students have the opportunity to lead discussions about identity factors and how they shape our community here at school and beyond. Student leaders are trained in facilitation, leadership, and social justice, and are supported by an adult in the community. The discussions are student-generated and aim to encourage multiple perspectives and create a space where all voices are respected and heard.
MA students holding clipboards and smiling

Open Groups

Open Groups are just that — open to anyone who would like to participate. They are led by student leaders and supported by an adult advisor. One misconception in our community is that you need to identify with the group in order to attend meetings — this is not the case! For example, you do not need to be Latino to go to Latino Student Union. All members of our community are welcome to all meetings.

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups at MA meet to discuss issues that are specific to the identity of their constituents (see list below). Affinity groups are spaces where people can come together with a common identity to talk about their experiences and concerns. We believe all of MA's affinity groups affirm identity and build community. Our collective objective is to unite and integrate, not to divide and separate.

The Student Diversity Leadership Conference

The Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) is an inclusive, multiracial, multicultural gathering of Independent upper school student leaders (grades 9-12) from around the country. SDLC focuses on self-reflection, allyship, and community building. Led by a diverse team of trained adult and peer facilitators, participants will develop an appreciation of their own identities, build effective cross-cultural communication skills, better understand the nature and development of effective strategies for social justice, and practice expression through the arts, while networking with their peers. Each year up to 6 MA students are selected to attend SDLC.

If you have questions about any of our Identity and Equity Groups, please contact Interim Dean of Equity & Inclusion, Candace Chen.