The Crossroads Program at Marin Academy is a year-round academic support and enrichment program for middle school students who attend San Rafael public schools.

Crossroads was started at MA in 2001 as a way to address issues of educational equity and the opportunity gap in the San Rafael community. We work in partnership with Davidson and Venetia Valley Middle Schools and with Crossroads families to expand opportunities for students from low-income households, many of whom will be the first generation in their families to attend college.
Crossroads identifies ambitious and motivated students entering 7th grade and works with them over the course of two years. During this time, the program aims to: reinforce academic skills; build self-confidence; develop aspirations for college and careers; and promote leadership, integrity, and a love of learning.
Student leadership opportunities
Crossroads also creates opportunities for Marin Academy students to step into leadership roles and to engage with the larger San Rafael community. During the school year, MA students join the Crossroads Program as tutors and fellows. Tutors travel to our partner schools to support students with homework, projects, and skill-building. Crossroads fellows design and teach classes for middle schoolers onsite at Marin Academy. Both tutors and fellows participate in training sessions that prepare them to work with middle school students. 

Voices of MA

students in classroom

"Crossroads opened up my eyes to the different opportunities available to me in pursuing higher education. Here I found the people that supported me and pushed me to do my best and met friends with like-minded goals. I am truly thankful. Because of the support of the Crossroads program, I was able to attend Marin Academy and go to a top university."

—Betsaida D. '11
Abby French

Abby French

Crossroads Director, Spanish Teacher