Community Action

On campus and beyond, the MA community responds to real-world challenges and issues through service, social justice and advocacy.

The Community Action program at Marin Academy seeks to educate students about civic and social justice issues and inspire them to engage in meaningful action for the betterment of school, local, and global communities. The program reinforces the MA mission to “think, question, and create” in a civic-minded manner while accepting the “responsibilities posed by education in a democratic society” through meaningful community engagement.
Rather than requiring a set number of community service hours, Marin Academy integrates service and civic learning projects into academic courses and programs, inviting all students to participate in some form of community engagement each year. Opportunities are available outside of class to engage in community action and outreach through participation in school-sponsored service events, the Community Action Leadership Council, the Youth Grants Board, and the Crossroads Program. Students also participate annually in grade level service days, service learning minicourses and Conference on Democracy. The director works closely with student leaders, faculty members, MAPA, and community partners to develop a variety of opportunities for service, social justice and advocacy work throughout the year.
Fall Highlights
  • Outing for National Coastal Clean-Up Day
  • MAPA 9th Grade Family Service Day
  • Biology Service Learning Project with Marin County Parks
  • Brown Bag Lunch- Making for St. Vincent de Paul 
  • Climate Action Protest in San Rafael
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive with Marin-SF Food Bank
Spring Highlights
  • 10th Grade English Service Learning Project
  • Conference on Democracy
  • Taos Pueblo Community Action Minicourse
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
  • MAPA All-School Family Service Day
  • Earth Day Assembly
  • 9th Grade EOY on Socio-Economic Challenges in Marin

Let’s All Get Involved!

MA students
MA parents and students working in MA garden
MA parents
MA students
MA students holding a rope
MA parents at table with students in background

Student Leadership Opportunities

Community Action Goals

  • Students develop a heightened awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of others within their community so as to foster empathy and a desire to make a positive impact.
  • Students apply academic, social and interpersonal skills for the betterment of the community. They are involved in making informed decisions and engaging in service, social justice and advocacy to address relevant, real-world challenges and issues.
  • Students gain a greater understanding of themselves as contributing, compassionate human beings.
  • Students develop strong leadership and team-building skills through community engagement.
James Hughes

James Hughes

Director of Community Action, English Teacher