Campus Life

Here at Marin Academy we pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking school that strives for inclusivity across many spectrums, and our campus is filled with students and adults who are joyful and passionate in their approach to learning. Students have a wide variety of opportunities that allow them to live life fully. Additionally, you'll find that they establish strong connections with each other and with adults, setting a path for life-long connection. 

Quite often it is in our advising program that the first connection with the school is made. Each ninth grader is assigned an Advisor who guides a small number of students through the transition to high school. The Advisor is there to support each student academically, socially and emotionally, helping students navigate the new culture and community that is Marin Academy. During sophomore year, students are assigned an Academic Counselor, an adult focused much more on helping students navigate academic and co-curricular experiences over the next three years. Our Advisors and Academic Counselors are supported by Class Deans who have a deep understanding of the developmental aspects of each year and who put developmentally appropriate support systems in place to help each student find and achieve success. From these small groups and from the deep relationships formed between student and Advisor or student and Academic Counselor, all students have allies as they make their way through high school. 

Along the path from freshman to senior year, students have lots of opportunities to engage with not only the MA community but also the larger community beyond campus. Our Outings Program allows students to connect outside of the classroom and work together in a meaningful and collaborative way. Whether it be a backpacking trip or a day of surfing or learning to SCUBA dive, students come away from their experiences invigorated and with a stronger sense of their place in the world. Minicourse, a week of experiential education, allows us to extend learning beyond the classroom. Students might travel to Death Valley National Park or do coastal clean-ups in Mendocino or learn about classical music. This is a chance for adults in the community to share some of their passions and to offer students an exceptional experience that pushes the boundaries of learning and growing in the world around us. Lastly, our Senior Speech program and Senior Arts Assemblies allow the community to learn from and witness a student's place here. It's an expression of how our students connect to both the student and adult community. This rite of passage connects all MA students to one another; the experience is transformative, one our students never forget. 

In addition to our programs, clubs and activities, and Identity and Equity groups, one of the things that truly makes MA unique is the relationships forged between students and adults. Ask anyone and they'll tell you it's just different here. Our adult community does a remarkable job in engaging with adolescents within appropriate boundaries to form deep connections. And these connections extend way beyond the four year experience students have. It is because we are meaningfully engaged in each other's lives and eager to work side by side that we're able to form life long relationships. It's one of the core pieces of what makes us MA.

Lynne Hansen
Dean of Students
(415) 482-3249
Here's a sample of the clubs and activities you can get involved with at Marin Academy. Click on each name to see a brief description of each group.
Model UN
Crossroads/Aim High
Youth Grants Board
Echoes (literary magazine)
Global Role of Women (GROW)
The Leek
Peer Resources
Philosophy Club
Student Senate
The Voice (student newspaper)
Mountain Biking Club
French Club
Girl Up
Random Acts of Kindness
Science Bowl
Christian Student Organization
Mixed Ethnicities
Baking Club
Ukelele Club
Men’s Group
Mock Trial
Rethinking White
Chess Club
Jew Crew
MA Sailing Team
Triathalon Club
Hiking Club
Finance Club
Amnesty International
Art Club
Medical and Ethical Discussion Club
Yoga and Meditation Club