Celebrating 50 Years of Marin Academy

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our founding

Fifty years ago, in a time of rapid social change, a small group of passionate educators and community members came together to establish a progressive independent high school on a beautiful, historic campus in the heart of San Rafael. Our founders envisioned a model that would balance challenging academics with experiential learning and community engagement. 

In September 1972, the first 59 students and 12 teachers embarked on the first day of school at the newly created Marin Academy. 

Our Philosophy

Since that promising beginning, Marin Academy has emerged as a leader in experiential education. Through our challenging curriculum and innovative signature programs, including Mincourse and Conference on Democracy, our students explore complex ideas, test and refine their own values, and make connections across disciplines. 

During our school’s 50-year history, we have consistently encouraged students to think critically and actively engage in real-world issues to become leaders in their communities and positively impact the world.

50th anniversary events

Throughout this milestone year, we’re planning lots of opportunities to celebrate our proud history, and look ahead to the future. We hope you can join us!

Previous Events

If you have any questions about the above events, please reach out to advancement@ma.org or alumni@ma.org

Where we’re headed next

In 2016, a committee of trustees, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and administrators began a new strategic planning process. The resulting document, MA’s Strategic Plan 2017 - 2026, is built on an understanding of our strengths and challenges, the values our community holds most dear, and what makes us unique. It reaffirms a commitment to our founders’ vision and builds on our strengths to chart an ambitious future. 

Support MA

As we celebrate Marin Academy’s 50th anniversary, we’re reflecting on our school’s history and looking ahead to the bright future that our generous supporters are helping us build. Help us shape the next generation of leaders.

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