Visual Arts students explore the emotional and expressive qualities in art to access the imagination and broaden creativity. Emphasis is placed upon acquiring strong technical skills, expressing meaning through images and developing unique creative vision.

The Photography program has three levels: Beginning (200), Intermediate (300) and Advanced (400) Photography. In Photo 200, students will gain an excellent understanding of the basics of photography. They will learn how to operate digital and film cameras, use the darkroom and learn the basics of editing in Camera Raw and Photoshop. In Intermediate photography, students will build on these foundational skills with projects that explore key genres of photography and ask them to think critically and creatively. Advanced photography entails the student working independently on projects of their own design. The approach in all classes will be that of a fine arts class, meaning that all classes will involve understanding of the science of photography, exploring the historical significance of the medium, and considering the importance of photography in the contemporary art world. Students are expected to acquire a strong vocabulary for discussing and writing about the work of others as well as their own. Please note: It is not necessary for students to own a camera to take any of these courses.

person sitting with head obscured by movie screen
two owls huddled together on branch
sailboat on the water
landscape photo at night with red circle in sky
boy with surfboard and drops of paint
partially burned photo negative
squiggly lights
motorcyclist jumping in the air with desert background
dark doorway with hands grabbing onto doorframe
driveway between two houses at night
little girl with with gingerbread house and palm trees
tree at night with lights behind it
person sitting on bench in hoodie outside house at night
girl in scarf and sunglasses
exterior of a laundry mat
Two adjoining buildings
girl sitting in profile on wall
Joe Cornett

Joe Cornett

Photography Teacher