Visual Arts students explore the emotional and expressive qualities in art to access the imagination and broaden creativity. Emphasis is placed upon acquiring strong technical skills, expressing meaning through images and developing unique creative vision.

The Ceramics classes are a comprehensive study focusing on the methods and techniques of hand-building (coil, slab, and pinch), sculpture, wheel throwing, and substitution casting. Students will expand their knowledge of glaze decoration and surface treatments to include traditional glazing, burnishing, and slip application. Kiln loading and firing techniques will be explored with both oxidation and reduction firing processes. Students will develop an awareness and skill level in creating three-dimensional composition and design through sketchbook drawings and paper prototypes that will serve to enhance problem-solving techniques and conceptual skills. Historical and contemporary ceramics remain an integral component of the curriculum. The aesthetic relationships between utilitarian and non-functional design is addressed and explored. Experimentation, visual risk-taking, and independent projects are encouraged.

ceramic monsters in foreground with still life paintings in background
lion's head from MA ceramics class
ceramic pot painted with fish and other sea items
trunk from MA ceramics class
ceramic vase on pedestal
green ceramic vase with carved out flowers
Anne Maurice

Anne Maurice

Fine Arts Instructor