2020 Senior Art Exhibition

Due to the campus closure, the Visual Arts Department Night of the Arts celebration is canceled. However, we still want to celebrate the senior art students for their dedication and hard work both this year and throughout their time at MA. Below is our digital exhibition with amazing work by our talented MA seniors!

Aasha D.

Throughout my time at Marin Academy, I have found my artistic voice. My teachers have been so encouraging, and have given me a lot of room to think outside of the box, which I think is essential to artistic growth. This definitely came with some failure, but that’s how I knew my work was authentic and rewarding. The freedom I was allowed over the past four years helped me go from a kid who liked to draw and watch movies to a true media creator, and for that I am so grateful. 

Abi C.

In my last 4 years at MA, I am most grateful to have been surrounded by such passionate and patient teachers. The love of art is what’s continually motivated my growth as an artist. I can no longer look at the world without thinking about how it would look through the lens of a 55mm camera.

Ava I.

face with glasses reflected in window with cable car and buildings in background
dark figures in front of interior windows

Throughout my time in MA’s photography program, I’ve discovered my passion for storytelling and creating images that provoke my viewers. I’m deeply grateful not only for my photography teachers and classmates for challenging me to become a better artist but for their support as I found my artistic voice throughout my time as a highschooler. Although I am so sad that my time in the MA art department ended like this, I’ll always be so grateful for the experiences and people that made my time at MA the best four years of my life. 

Chloe A.

As a kid, I lacked confidence in my artistic abilities for a long time. Although I had fun being reckless and making whatever mess I wanted to and calling it art, coming to MA I’ve been introduced to a new style of craft. Meaningful art that can send a powerful message about my life experiences is important art to me. This changed the way I began to see my ceramic classes. I took pride in what I was creating and how my art would be perceived. Having this fun and creative outlet to express myself has been a great experience for me. 

Chloe W.

I feel so lucky and blessed that I was able to have this creative outlet at MA where I fell in love with art through the help of the amazing teachers. Katharine showed me the joy and possibility of painting in freshman year, the following two years Josh Smith made me fall head over heels for photography, senior year Sara gracefully taught me everything I need to know to really be a photographer, and now I’m ending the year with Katharine’s colorful teaching again. The MA art department is a really special place, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. I will always take it with me, and I mean that. 

Claire M.

I have learned to have confidence in the risks I chose to take, and to embrace the process that comes along with each piece of art.

Eli S.

blue ceramic house with yellow windows and brown door

Ellie R.

At MA, and with the support and encouragement of my teachers, I was lucky enough to be able to join both the draw/paint program and the photography program. This allowed me the freedom to explore new techniques and ideas and to be more ambitious and fearless with my work. While I was not very confident in my ability as a freshman, I was able to take risks, and this was really special to me. Art classes were a safe space, and one in which my friends and I could be creative and support each others’ process. I have been inspired by my classes at MA, the teachers, and my classmates. 

Ethan H.

yellow ceramic pitcher with green vine

Though I never considered myself a good artist, and honestly still don’t, the MA ceramics program was still a part of my school experience which I’ve really enjoyed. I loved the experience of trying something completely new that was out of my comfort zone. The ceramics classroom has always been a place for me to relax, expand my artistic ability, and just have fun with classmates. 

Flora E.

Art class was always the thing I loved the most about the way I did MA. I’m proud of a lot of what I did here, but the growth I’ve had as an artist, developing my style and skills and taste, is completely irreplaceable. To be nurtured and to have had the opportunities to try so much on has been a blessing—I’ve become attached to media I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been exposed to quite as much had I not been so immersed in the art program here. Having Katharine as a mentor and friend was so valuable and I think that I will forever be unconsciously comparing my future art teachers to her. The draw/paint room was an excellent environment for me and having that experience has changed me so much as both an artist and a person.

Francesca W.

Grace G.

Izzy S.

I have always enjoyed art, and coming in I was confident. I feel that I have grown in many unexpected ways and have developed my own style.

Jake C.

I had always enjoyed sketching through middle school without the confidence to pursue a more meaningful creativity. I now have the confidence to continue to explore and collaborate with peers.

Jamie P.

Throughout my time as a photographer at Marin Academy, I have learned to step outside of my comfort zone. I was pushed to photograph different environments, in different styles, through different mediums. It helped me grow as a photographer and as a person, while learning what I am best at. 

Jefferson R.

Anne did everything and more to help me develop the skills I needed to build my pieces, as well as my own individual style. I don’t think I would’ve come to value art as much as I do now if I hadn’t been given such great support from my teacher and my peers. I’m so grateful to have had such a creative outlet to both challenge and enjoy myself through!

Jeff P.

Coming into Marin Academy I was never really into visual arts, but after taking Art/Drawing 100 and then Photo 100, I fell in love with it. Marin Academy’s art department has done a great job with inspiring my younger self to the point where I will continue to learn and experiment with photography in college and then in life. I am grateful for the countless lessons of art and photography my mentors have given me over the past 4 years.

Jessi S.

Art has come to mean something different to me throughout my years at MA. It has remained to be a way to express the beauty that I see in nature and other-worldly fantasy, while also becoming a platform with which I can express my own internal turmoil. When I look back at all the art I created at MA, I see a much changed person. That hasn’t always been a change that I’ve liked, but it all reflects a little bit of what it means to be a human.

Jessica B.

Justin C.

Kai S.

When I came to MA as a freshman, I had little to no experience as an artist. However, taking photography during my sophomore year made me fall in love with the art form. I have spent countless hours with my camera, and I have really grown as a photographer these last few years. Without the MA art department, I would have never had the opportunity to experience the art of photography, and I am forever grateful for the teachers who have inspired my love of photography.

Karina B.

Over my time at MA, I have experimented in different mediums to find some new mediums which are my new favorites. My technique has grown through some failures and successes, practice, and guidance. I think being in draw/paint has helped me grow my creative qualities which has transcended into my other classes as well. 

Kathryn W.

Art has always been a very important part of my life, and over the past four years that importance has only grown. I have loved being part of the artistic community here at Marin Academy and the connections that it builds to share our ideas and work. I am so grateful to have had access to such a program that has continuously increased my excitement about art.

Kayla K.

During my time in the MA art community, I feel that I really had the opportunity to tap back into my creative side and use my imagination in ways that I hadn't done so before.

Kyle J.

Throughout my time in the visual arts department at Marin Academy, I’ve learned that visual storytelling is a great way to communicate with people. I started with ceramics, which was an awesome and different way for me to express my voice. I then moved onto photography, which allowed me to present my artistic voice in a way that made me feel like I was making a difference. Overall, my time at Marin Academy had proved to me that photography and all of the visual arts are an amazing way to express true emotion.

Luke N.

Throughout my three years of taking photography at Marin Academy, I have really grown as an artist. I feel that I have gained the ability to tell my story through photography, and that is thanks to the amazing photography teachers that I’ve had over these past years at MA.

Madeleine D.

collage of faces and dogs
collage of masks

All of my art teachers at MA saw my potential with art and encouraged me to explore my imagination. Drawing and Painting was once something that I dreaded doing, but now I can’t see my life without it. I am incredibly grateful for all of my peers and teachers who supported me!

Meredith S.

pier with structure at end

Before high school, I always enjoyed painting or doodling but never thought of it as more than a time killer.  The MA art program has made me realize my passion for art and has educated me on the importance of risk and creativity.  I am so grateful for my teachers and the opportunities we were given.

Natalie S.

one figure in yellow dress and one in blue shroud
two figures in green and yellow clothing

Nicco J.

blue ceramic form
blue wood sculpture

MA art has taught me to be bold in strategic places and think with curiosity in my imagination. Additionally, Barry has taught me invaluable life lessons such as completing tasks with purpose, and to be grateful for the process of creating pieces of art. Above all else, Barry and Winston have taught me how to carry myself the right way, every day.

Olivia W.

two faces in newspaper print with red painted over mouths
painting collage of faces and body parts

Ramona D.

still life of plants and a pear
underwater drawing with jellyfish

Walking into the art program as a freshman I wasn’t very confident in myself as an artist, but I knew I enjoyed it. As I moved through the years each of the art teachers helped me find my voice as an artist and gain technical experience. I am so grateful for all of the support the teachers have provided and the community the MA art department has!

Rob H.

surfer holding surfboard
surfer and surfboard

Photography has inspired me to be outside and tell a story with the images I create. MA’s program has cultivated my desire to document what I believe to be beautiful and share it with the community around me. Senior year, in particular, I learned to utilize contrast in order to give my images emotion and feeling for the viewer. 

Sean N.

ceramic pitcher and 4 cups with various country flags
blue ceramic vase with twisted handles and cow's head

Sebastian M.

still life drawing with skull
drawing of building

I started off as an untameable little twerp in Barry Beach’s art 1 class, and throughout my time as an art student at MA, I have learned to harness my crazy energy to produce art that is unexpected, humorous, or just downright cooky. I will always remember the art classes I have taken at MA because they have significantly informed the way that I express myself creatively.

Sophie B.

ceramic sculpture with flowers etched on it
red ceramic rose tea pot and 4 cups with green leaves

The ceramics program at MA has been a great highlight of my time over the past four years. From complicated structural pieces to functional teapots, my experience as an art student has awarded me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and push the boundaries of what I thought I was creatively capable of. Spending the past four years under the guidance of Anne Maurice has not only opened my eyes to the world of ceramics but also provided me a wonderful mentor and an even better friend. Although I am deeply saddened that our time as MA art students was ended in this manner, I am so incredibly grateful for the other countless memories, and I look forward to visiting the art classrooms again in the future.

Sophie H.

geometric sculpture using wooden sticks
blue wood sculpture

Sydney G.

drawing of three figures with elaborate outfits
drawing of woman in green dress with red shoes and one wing and wearing mask

Will T.

ceramic clock with clockface

Zuzu O.

underwater house surrounded by plants and fish
drawing of large octopus wrapping around house

I’ve always loved art. Going to a Waldorf school it was ingrained in me when I was very young. However, coming to MA and taking visual arts classes was the first time I was formally taught different art techniques. Over the last four years I have grown immensely as an artist and watched as my style and technique developed. 

2020 Visual Arts Awards

Congratulations to the MA Visual Artists!


Barry Beach

Barry Beach

Visual Arts Teacher
Katharine Boyd

Katharine Boyd

Visual Arts Teacher
Anne Maurice

Anne Maurice

Visual Arts Department Chair
Peter Walker

Peter Walker

Visual Arts Department Chair